Lilac Intelligent Team makes a splash in the National University Students Intelligent Car Race


HIT News (Zhang Yi / text)The 15th NationalUniversity StudentsIntelligent Car Racedrew to a close a few days ago. Lilac Team from HIT took home top award when they snapped up five national first prizes and one national second prize, including the first prize in Beacon Group(the fifth team), the first prize in Energy Conservation Group(the fourth team), the first prize of Two-vehicleGroup(the sixth team), the first prize of Wagon Group(the first team), the first prize of Baidu AI Creative Group (the second team), and the second prize in Electromagnetic AI Group.

Although the team prepared in hybrid form—in person and online—duo to the COVID-19 pandemic, tutors and seniors still racked their brains to give full support, such as upperclassmen’s regular checking meeting in sync with different periods, the hardware and software guidance from previous competition seniors, tutors’ mails of the hardware required for the raceto the teammates. With the concerted efforts of tutors, seniors and teammates, all preparations proceeded in an orderly manner.

After the pandemic was effectively controlled, instructors submitted applications for return and got approved, thus making all teammates come back. Despite the limited time and strict requirements, all team members raced against the clock to surmount difficulties. Finally, they made history.

In fact, HIT has an Intelligent Car Innovation Club. To date, this club has won a total of 30 national first prizes and 22 second prizes as well as 41 first prizes in division and 11 second prizes.