Summer Programs

Basic Information on Mathematics at HIT 

The Department of Mathematics was founded in 1987. In 2013, 2014 and 2015, the Department of Mathematics was among the top 100 of University Ranking published by the World-Class University Research Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University. In particular, it ranked No. 50 in 2015. In May  2013, among  the disciplines of Mathematics all over the world, that of HIT ranked into top 1%.  

The Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics  (IASM) of HIT, founded in 2016, is based on the study of pure mathematics and committed to promoting interdisciplinary research at the interface of mathematics, physics and engineering. Having been amply supplied with both human and financial resources,  IASM will break down barriers between basic and applied research, and unify  them to create strong, efficient, multivariate teams of scientists. 

In 2017, the Mathematics discipline  of HIT ranked into the top 1% among 243 mathematical institutions on the ESI data, and 106th all over the world and 12th among the universities of mainland of China  according to US News Rankings.  In  2018,  it ranks 101-150 internationally and 8th domestically (QS World University Rankings).  

The Summer School Program 

The Summer School International Program will run from July 9  to July 26  in 2019. The aim of HIT summer school is to help students understand modern mathematics, and learn how mathematicians work. For the summer school in 2019, we shall focus on algebraic geometry and number theory. Firstly, this program offers a wide variety of English-taught courses instructed by well-known invited experts who will be either leaders of the subject or very active young researchers. Secondly, our instructors will give several seminar talks, from which the students will learn certain current research in the field. Finally, students will participate in a project, in the end of which a report will be written under the direction of the corresponding instructor. All courses and other activities will be held on the HIT campus. Students will receive an  official transcript and earn academic credits from HIT and many students can transfer these credits back to their own universities upon completion of the program. 

The Summer School Instructors 


The Summer School Activities 

Course Topics 

1. Toric Geometry. 

2. Algebraic Number Theory. 

3. P-adic Theory of Exponential Sums 

4. Basic Algebra. 


Each instructor will give a seminar talk to present their research and the recent developments in arithmetic geometry, number theory or related. 


Students will participate in groups to write a mathematical paper/report under the direction of our instructors in the workshop session. Excellent papers will be selected after oral defense. 

Course Information 

Overall Information: 




Paper writing workshop: 

Students will write a short mathematical paper in the workshop session. Successful completion will earn 1.5 credits. 

Schedule of 2019 International Summer School  


Remark. This is only a tentative schedule and the actual time for the summer school activities may change.