Announcement No. 4 of 100th Anniversary of Harbin Institute of Technology


On June 7th, when the first rays of sunlight illuminate the campus of Harbin Institute of Technology, the highly anticipated “live streaming” of HIT centennial celebration will officially start.

No matter where you are, we believe that when the 100th birthday of Harbin Institute of Technology comes, thousands of miss and precious memories will turn into the best wishes. We will gather together the “live streaming”, and become the inexhaustible driving force for the development of Harbin Institute of Technology in the new century.

In order to let HIT faculty and friends from all walks of life better watch the “live streaming” on June 7th, the live programme for the 100th anniversary is announced as follows.

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Harbin Institute of Technology

June 6, 2020



Live Programme for the HIT 100th Anniversary


Section 1: Original Aspiration(05:45-07:15, UTC+8)

06:50—07:15  Flag-raising ceremony for HIT 100th anniversary 

Section 2: Seeking(07:15-08:35, UTC+8

08:05—08:35 Stamp issuing ceremony for the 100th anniversary of Harbin Institute of Technology


Section 3:  Paying respects(08:35-13:35, UTC+8

09:05—10:35 Commemorative meeting for the 100th anniversary of Harbin Institute of Technology

11:05—11:25  Space return-Opening ceremony of the seal for HIT 100th anniversary

11:35—12:05  Century documentary "Cradle of Engineers"

12:30—13:00  Constant improvement from metalworking hammer to “skill” hammer

13:05—13:35  Space return-Collection ceremony of a letter "To the Future" from students of Harbin Institute of Technology 


Section 4: Making efforts(13:35-15:35, UTC+8

14:05—14:25 Space return-The ceremony of cultivating "Wen Tian Tree" with soil from three campuses of HIT

14:35—15:05  Opening ceremony of Harbin Institute of Technology Library

15:05—15:35  Century documentary "Days with Space"


Section 5: Setting sail(15:35-20:30, UTC+8

15:35—16:35  Foundation ceremony of Sino Russian joint Campus

17:15—17:45  Century documentary “Towards World-class”

20:05—20:15  Dance of the sky - UAV flying performance

20:25—20:30  The school song of HIT