The 13th (2017) Academic Forum for Doctoral Students in Mechanical Engineering: Call for Papers


Translated by: Qiao Xuechao
Edited by: Garrick Jones

To further propel in sharing educational resources of high quality, promote in communication and cooperation in doctoral education, set an innovative environment for graduate education, cultivate top-notch innovative talents, and strengthen the industry-college-institute cooperation, HIT graduate department will host the 13th Academic Forum for Doctoral Students in Mechanical Engineering. This forum takes “Seeking Truth and Being Practical, Carrying Pioneering Spirit and Being Innovative, Learning for Practical Uses and Serving the Whole Society” as its theme, and which based on the principle of high-start, high-level and high-quality. This forum will focus on reports, communication and discussion, which will provide an academic communication platform for doctoral students. It aims to facilitate the intersection of disciplines, to strengthen the connection among doctoral students who have related majors and fields from International prestigious universities, to broaden academic vision and stimulate the creative thinking of doctoral students, and to reinforce the sense of mission and responsibility in doctoral students. All contributions and participants are welcomed.

I.Theme of the Forum

Theme: “Seeking Truth and Being Practical, Carrying Pioneering Spirit and Being Innovative, Learning for Practical Uses and Serving the Whole Society”

Sub Forums: Mechatronic Engineering Sub Forum
            Mechanical Manufacture and Automation Sub Forum
            Mechanical Design and Theory Sub Forum
            Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Sub Forum
            Communication Engineering Sub Forum
(Sub forums may be changed and added according to the contributions)

II. Time & Place

Time: 2017/4/26---2017/4/28(three days), get registered on 26, April, 2017

(The acceptance notification of thesis will list the time of hosting if there is an emergency)
Place: Wuhu, Anhui Province

III. Hosts

Sponsors: HIT Graduate Department
          School of Mechatronic Engineering, HIT
Organizers: Wuhu Construction Investment Co. Ltd
            Anhui Technological innovation strategic alliances in Robot Industry

Anhui Polytechnic University
Wuhu Robot Hit Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd
Wuhu Anpu Robot Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd
Wuhu Saibao Robot Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd

IV. Targets Participants

Doctoral candidates, undergraduate students who are determined to study for doctorate by recommendation and postgraduate students from home and abroad are welcomed to attend this forum, whose majors are related to mechanical engineering, aerospace manufacturing, communication engineering and relevant disciplines in national colleges and universities and scientific research institutions.

Academic leaders, teachers, young teachers from national colleges and universities, and scientific researchers from institutions can sign up for this forum, which could be done by sending e-mails with no need of contribution.

V. Topics for papers

Topics include (not limited to): 
1. Electromechanical system control and automation
2. Fluid control and automation
3. Robotics technology
4. Bionic design and specialized robots
5. Robot design, sensing, control and communication technology
6. Multi-robots coordination and man-machine collaboration technology
7. Machine learning, artificial emotions, artificial intelligence technology
8. Unmanned-control technology
9. Wearable exoskeleton and assisted equipment
10. Specialized transmission intelligent design and control
11. Machinery manufacturing automation technology
12. Precision, ultra-precision machining and nanotechnology
13. Non-traditional machining and special material processing
14. Advanced manufacturing technology
15. Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing
16. Vibration and noise control
17. Tribology and its control technology
18. Engineering mechanical structure design and analysis
19. Modern design philosophy and methods
20. Mechanical CAD and intelligent control technique
21. Simulated experiment and system design theory and control
22. Sense and observation and control technology
23. Aerospace engineering manufacturing information technology
24. Electromechanical integration technology of aerospace ground equipment
25. Special materials processing technology in aerospace engineering
26. Spatial equipment and processing technology
27. Industrial engineering
28. Flight vehicle manufacturing engineering
29. Automotive engineering
30. Industrial design
31. Communication engineering
32. Electronic information engineering
33. Information engineering
34. Applied electronics
35. Microwave technology

VI. Forum Schedule

2017/4/26 check in
2017/4/27 opening ceremony, keynote speech, a visit to Wuhu Robot Industrial Park, Venture forum
2017/4/28 sub forums, closing ceremony, return back to your location

VII. Requirements on Papers

1. The deadline for submission is April 5, 2017. The final admission list will be released on April 12, 2017 after reviewing by experts. All contributors should send emails contained papers and required material (listed on the “VIII. Other relevant issues” ) before 5:00 pm Beijing time on April 5 to the mailbox (

2. The contents of the submitted papers should conform to the theme of this forum. The papers should focus on the theoretical and practical problems in the frontier fields, with innovation and original creativity. Data in papers should be accurate and the paper should be arranged in standard form (see attachment for details). Chinese or English versions are both acceptable.

3. The number of words in the body part should be controlled within 6,000, no more than 15 pages. Please note author’s name, current university or college, educational background, related topic (if included in the above-mentioned 35 topics /if not, please clarify your topic in your e-mail), contact information (contact number, and e-mail address) in the body part of your e-mail. Your paper will be refused if it fails to meet the above-mentioned requirements. The title format of the submitted e-mail should be: author’s unit + author’s name + the serial number (see the above-mentioned 35 topics).

4. Published or unpublished papers can contribute to the forum. No charging of publication fees or paying contribution fees on this forum. Collection of papers (in CD form) will be made, which is the material for exchanging ideas among participants, with no official ISSN, and have no influence on the contribution of authors to academic professional journals.

5. All authors should attend this forum with a 10-15 minute presentation with the assistance of a .ppt (above 2013 version) if they are admitted. 

6. All papers should be the achievements of authors’ scientific research. All consequences should be shouldered by yourself if there is any academic misconduct.

7. Please submit a scanning copy of your study certificate with red seal on it, attached to your resume.

VIII. Other relevant issues

1. No charging of participants’ registration fee or material expenses.

2. Reimbursing transportation fee of coming and returning (the fee of hard seat and hard sleeper of traditional trains, second-class seat of bullet trains, and third-class cabin of steamships which cover the distances from your school to Wuhu, Anhui Province).

3. The organizing committee of this forum will cover the hotel expenses during the session. The standard accommodation is a room with two beds shared by two people. If a single room is needed or extending length of stay, the extra charges should be covered by your own. Purchasing travelling insurance is encouraged.

4. Three meals (including buffet and welcome banquet) a day are provided by the committee. The meal expenses incurred during the extended stay shall be self-cared.

5. The organizing committee provides the expenses of accommodation, meals and round-trip transportation (economy class which count from the location of the unit to Wuhu City economy) for teachers, science and technology workers.

6. Contacts:
   Lv Yan, School of Mechatronics engineering, HIT
   Office Tel: 0451-84613809
   E-mail for sending papers:

7. The publish website:

HIT Graduate Department       
School of Mechatronics Engineering, HIT