School of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Engineering announcement about the "Chemical Emoticon Package Design Competition"


Translated by: Yu Tianyu
Edited by: Garrick Jones
Date:March 17, 2017

For actively improving college culture atmosphere, and guiding graduate students to explore the fun of learning and research.Under the guidance and support of postgraduate work, chemical and chemical graduate school with professional practice, during the 2017 Graduate Sports Culture Festival to carry out chemical expression package design contest. School of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Engineering is combining the reality of professionals and are about to carry out the “Chemical Emoticon Package Design Competition” during the 2017 Graduate Sports Culture Festival。

Activity Theme

Vigor of chemistry, show your taste

Entry Conditions

Range of entry: School of Chemical and Chemical Engineering
Way of entry: Participate in the form of personal contributions, the number of submissions is not limited

About Content

In chemical industry and chemistry with a central theme of disciplines such as design expression, vivid interesting images, innovative, artistic quality


Entries should be based on chemicals and chemical theme and shall not contain unhealthy, violent, reactionary ideas and other adverse content.
All works from the subject are original, not plagiarized.
Each person can submit many times, the number of submissions is not limited

Activity Time

Submission time: March 18, 1817 to March 22
Evaluation Time: March 23, 2017 to March 30

Ways of Registration
End photos and profiles as well as personal information (name, profession, contact phone) to email:

Prizes Setting

First prize: power band
Second prize: weight scale
Third prize: mouse

Note: The top ten contributors will have a reward points and can be obtained to increase the number of Internet voting,( adding 10 tickets each work).

If the work is used normally in social software such as QQ or WeChat after submission to the end of the online voting deadline, the participant may save a screenshot for a bonus item
Send the package to email before 24:00 on March 30, 2017
The file is named after "grade _ student number _ designer - plus item".

Using the emoticon once equivalent a net vote 1 vote, the maximum plus 200 votes