The Registration Notice of ‘Chinese Encyclopedia’ Knowledge Contest for Postgraduates—the Knowledge Contest on Chinese Culture and National Security for Postgraduates


In order to carry forward the Chinese excellent tradition and culture, to enrich the campus cultural life of postgraduates, to encourage postgraduates to be concerned about society and to stimulate postgraduates’ interest in traditional culture as well as to promote the campus cultural construction, the School of Humanities and Social Science and Law, with the advantage of its disciplines of humanism and general education, will hold a knowledge contest on Chinese Civilization and National Security for postgraduates with the propose of educating and nurturing students with culture. At the same time, knowledge contests also provide a platform for all postgraduates to express themselves and strengthen their team spirits and fully demonstrate the spiritual features of postgraduates of HIT. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows.

1. Theme of the Activity
Chinese Encyclopedia

2. Organizer and Co-organizer
Organizer: Graduate School
Co-organizer: School of Humanities and Social Science and Law

3. Schedules
Preliminary & Intermediate Contest: at 13:00 of 6th, April (Sunday)
Semi-final: at 13:00 of 23rd, April (Sunday)

4. Applicants
All Postgraduates of HIT

5. Registration
Every school can send 1-2 teams whose team members must be postgraduates of its own school and the cross-school team is not allowed. Teams should name their own names (featuring with Chinese traditional culture). Each team contains 5 members. The trail within the school for this knowledge contest is encouraged.
Students who are willing to join this contest should download and fill in the registration form (Appendix I). And each school should select 1-2 teams in its own way. Team leaders need to send registration forms and summary tables to the email:

6. Scheme of the Contest
Contest are divided into three parts, that is, preliminary contests, semi-finals and finals, with the major form of answering questions in the site of contest. With preliminary contests and semi-finals as warm-up matches, the first 12 teams in the preliminary contest can move to semi-finals in terms of grades and the first 6 teams can move to finals. Details of the scheme of the contest are set forth in Appendix II.

7. Requirements
2) Members and team leaders should carefully read the scheme of the contest and know well the relevant arrangements of this contest;
3) Each team should attend 20 minutes early before the contest begins, which can make sure the overall arrangement and the preparation for the contests will go smoothly;
4) All participants should abide by the rules of contests, comply with the arrangement of the organizer and give respect to the judgment of judges;
5) During contests, participants and their support groups are not allowed to use any electronic equipment. Otherwise, 50 points will be taken off every time when they use it and if they are caught twice, they will be disqualified.
6) During contests, either other members or spectators are not allowed to give any clue to the team member answering the question. Teams should pay attention to the rules of contests; otherwise, 50 points will be deducted in the contest.
7) If there is any disagreement, please contact with the organizer after contests.

8. Ranges of Questions
National security; social science (including sociology, psychology and law); history; economy; arts; traditional culture

9. Awards
The first three teams in terms of their accumulated points will be awarded with the first, second and third prize respectively and the following three teams will be awarded with the prize of excellence. Other teams will be awarded with memorial awards.

10. Contacts
18724603919(Liu)   13244520537(Li)   18846193429(Gao)

Appendix I: Registration Form
Appendix II: Scheme of Contests

Graduate Student Affairs Department                
Student Affairs Office of School of Humanities and Social Science and Law
March 31st, 2017