【Students' Association Union】Recruiting Notice on the Large-scale Outdoor Summer Entertainment Show


2017-4-26 15:21:59
Translated by: Lin Yuting
Edited by: Garrick Jones

In order to celebrate the successful convention of the 17th CPC National Congress and 97th birthday of HIT as well as enliven the cultural atmosphere of our university, Students' Association Union and the Logistics Center will jointly organize the large-scale Outdoor Summer Entertainment Show. Now, Students' Association Union warmly invites all the clubs and organizations, student associations and campus singers which can offer programs and performances.
Do you want to show your style and charm in front of teachers and students? Do you want to expand your community influences? Let’s participate in this summer party! This a valuable chance you can’t miss!

Welcome to the communities, school students’ organizations and associations to join us! You can apply it at the following departments affiliated Students' Association Union:

Comprehensive Department : Jiang Shengyun  TEL : 15545008316

Science and Technology Department : Li Zhihao  TEL : 18946032733

Entertainment Department : Xi Ning     TEL : 18804652206

Culture Department : Qiu Xu   TEL : 13945517274

Sports Department : JinDouDou  TEL : 18346167259

Welcome to the campus singers—— you can contact the office of Students' Association Union to finish your registry.

Yin Shixiong  TEL : 18846446652

Registration deadline: 2017.4.28

Communist Youth League Committee of Harbin Institute of Technology

Students' Association Union of Harbin Institute of Technology

April 24, 2017