Exhibits Collection for ‘Time Footprints’ Exhibition form 2017 Graduates


Translated: KANG Ran
Date: May 10th, 2017

All graduates of 2017:
When lilacs blossom in May once again, every one of us is busy with our graduation designs, just like previous graduates. It is time for us to enter a new stage of life.

Looking back at the years we’ve spent in HIT, there must be particularly unforgettable stories and memories. What is memorable for us is just a picture with all your roommates, or perhaps a lifelong story. The thick accumulation of materials and books on the table perhaps are records of your hard work of when you were preparing for your postgraduate qualifying examination for such a long time. A basketball besides your bed may witness the victory which you and your teammates fought hard for with sweat and hard work. A certificate of award may record what you paid for it ... Have you still treasured all items that carry these unforgettable stories? Would you like to take out these items and tell your college stories to more people?

The museum of HIT will provide a platform for graduates to share your stories and express yourself. With the spirit of ‘My Exhibition, My Time’, the museum is now collecting items with memorable value, which carry your own stories when your study at HIT from undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students of 2017 in main campus of HIT, its Weihai Campus and its Shenzhen Campus. We will select representatives of the terms and exhibit them. The HIT museum will join with all of you to share the story of youth and memories of our campus time.

I. Collection Time
From now on until June 3, 2017

II. Collection Objects
This activity is facing undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students of 2017 in main campus of HIT, as well as its Weihai Campus and its Shenzhen Campus.  You are welcome to share your stories about the exhibits to us.
Collection of exhibits includes but not limited to books, notes, study articles, articles for daily use, medals and certificates.

III. Collection Methods
1. Students of the main campus of HIT (the first campus, the second campuses and the civil building) can follow the Wechat official account of ‘HIT Museum’ or just contact the following students:

LIU Chenxi (male), Tel: 18846168195
YANG Jianyu (male), Tel: 18846169230
KONG Ziling (female), Tel: 18846419663

You can leave a message in form of ‘name + apartment + telephone number+ exhibits you want to display’ on the Wechat platform or to students above. At that time, we will send a special "museum courier" who will contact with you and pick up exhibits. We will make sure that all exhibits are in good condition, and you will receive exquisite commemorative cards.
2. Students form the Weihai campus and the Shenzhen Campus can mail exhibits to the address: Museum of Harbin Institution of Technology, No.5 the company Street, Nangang District, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. Before you send out your exhibits, please contact us through the Wechat platform or SMS, indicating your ‘name + telephone number + address + exhibits you want to display’ and we will send you exquisite commemorative cards when receiving them.

IV. Mode of Exhibition
In mid-June, the museum will hold a ‘Time Footprint’ theme exhibition, setting a special exhibition area within the museum, and displaying representative exhibits. The exhibition is expected to last for one month. A ceremony will be held before the exhibition and at that time we will invite the owner of exhibits to participate in the activities.

V. Reward
If the exhibit is selected to display, the owner will receive exquisite souvenirs.
After the exhibition, the exhibits will be returned to the owner. If any of them want to donate their items, the museum will be permanently treasure it for you, and issue a donation certificate to you.

HIT Museum is devoted to telling stories happening at HIT!

HITers, you are welcome to tell your college stories to more people who are listening!

Welcome to follow the Wechat official account of the HIT museum.