[Activity Recommendation] Activity Center “Mobile Library Station” Book Sharing Proposal


Translated: KANG Ran
Date: June 21st, 2017
Dear students,

Do you hope to share good books with other students? Have you ever had trouble handling your waste books? Do you want these books to be helpful to other students?

In order to foster a good cultural environment for reading at campus, to share the fun of shearing books, to promote the book usage and to create a good atmosphere for all people who read books, the “Mobile Library Station” organized by the Activity Center, the Youth Volunteer Association of HIT and the Green Volunteer Association of HIT has been successfully operating for more than a year. During these days, the “Mobile Library Station” has received over 300 donated books and served a number of book lovers. To encourage everyone to share more great books and make sure the good operation of the “Mobile Library Station”, here we issue to you the following initiative:

1. Sharing good books:Donate your great books which you don’t read. After selecting, we will put these books at the rest area in the first floor of the Activity Center to allow teachers and students to read.

2. Reading more books: Read books at the “Mobile Library Station” at your leisure time or bring your favorite books to there. Through the circulation of books, let knowledge spread through campus and make every book benefit more people.

We will set up a book donation box in a prominent place at the first floor of the Activity Center. Anyone who will donates their books can place books there. In this hot summer, let books bring bursts of cool to our souls, let us love reading books and share books and let the love for book and the fragrance of flowers float in the beautiful campus of HIT!

General Service Office/Rear Service Group Activity Center of Harbin Institute of Technology

Youth Volunteer Association of Harbin Institute of Technology

Green Volunteer Association of Harbin Institute of Technology

June 21, 2017