“Beautiful China” Ecological Research Group of the School of Environment Recruits Volunteers


Translated by: Pang Yue
Edited by: Garrick Jones
Date:  July 11, 2017

With social development and the enhancement of people’s living standard, people’s requirements for clean water and air as well as beautiful environment are getting higher and higher. The situation of the environment becomes more prominent in the life happiness index of the masses, and the environment is becoming a more and more important issue even concerning people’s livelihood. These activities aim to lead people to build up consciousness that a good environment is our treasure so as to encourage people to respect, adapt to and protect nature as well as conduct green life consciously and build a beautiful China with joint efforts.

The “Beautiful China” ecological research group of school of environment plans to carry out social work in summer of 2017. The activity this time will make an investigation into the major environment problems of representative cities in North China, Northeast China, East China, South China and West China and make a relative analysis of environmental consciousness of local residents, thus drawing “Map of Chinese Environmental Protection” and “Distribution Map of Environmental Consciousness” so as to offer reference suggestions on the environmental consciousness of residents, the control of environmental deterioration and the keeping of ecological balance. Meanwhile, according to the research result, the group will summarize it into a report on the major environmental problems and environmental consciousness of residents in those regions of China, which analyzes the reason for regional differences in the current environment and the influence of the environment on environmental consciousness. Moreover, with the combination of the recorded videos and suggestions from experts collected in the process of investigation and research, relevant videos will be made on this subject, and a documentary or interview will be the summary of the activity this time. The social project this time is the key one of HIT.

To enlarge the scope of the activity this time, volunteers are recruited now in HIT. The plans are as follows:

First: Time Arrangement

Stage of Investigation and Research: from now on to August 20, the research group needs to pay a visit to the research area nearby, and make a investigation of the environmental consciousness of local residents by forms such as recording videos, conducting interviews and giving out questionnaires.

Stage of Summary: from August 20 to September 1, the research group needs to process data, write a practice report and sort data to form research findings.

Second: Way of Participation

For eligible students, please build your team before July 30, 2017 (we suggest 1 to 5 students for each team) and hand your application form (attachment 1) to hiteeipg@imthe.top. Moreover, please join the QQ group 587890682 to sign up.

Third: Research Thought

The subjects of the activity this time are representative of cities all across China. Relevant materials for summary will be made by investigating the long-term environmental problems and environmental consciousness of local residents. Moreover, from the perspective of the environmental consciousness of residents, one should come up with some general thoughts for protecting the local environment, controlling environmental pollution and building up a   resource-conserving and environmentally friendly society.

Members of the research group shall select their hometowns or long-time settlement in this summer vacation as research target in principle. They need to design research plans, conduct social practice and make a summary according to their understanding of the local environment.

In the process of social practice, members of the group can make a systematic investigation of the local environment through many ways such as questionnaire, making videos, interviewing representative groups of people, visiting relevant departments of governments and enterprises.

Fourth: Subjects for Reference

The time distribution of the smog in Beijing and its influence on work and life of local residents

The environmental disruption of coal goaf area in Shanxi Province and the environmental consciousness of local residents

The damage of outdoor barbecues in summer on ecological environment and human health in Harbin

The analysis of the factors environmental damage of flood causes in the Yangtze River Area

Awareness of protecting endangered animals from citizens in Guangdong Province

Environmental problems in picking and production process of nature drugs in Southwest China

The chain of “second-hand cloth” and its damage on ecological environment in Southeast China

The influence of water and soil loss caused by vegetation deterioration on living environment of residents in Southwest China

The deterioration of vegetation caused by overgrazing and relevant solutions in Inner Mongolia Province

The content and forms of subjects above are only for reference. It is suggested that students select 1 to 2 hot issues on environment to conduct research according to the thoughts above with the consideration of local environmental problems

Fifth: Forms of Research

Interviewing people closely concerned with environmental circumstances such as the department of environmental protection, towns and streets, enterprises related to pollution and local residents; issuing questionnaires on the Internet to know the awareness and thoughts of residents about problems of local environment as well as their environmental protection consciousness; paying visits to polluted regions or ecological and environmental protection zones to record the construction situation of environmental protection facilities and that of polluting emissions.

Sixth: Summary of the Activity

Each team shall complete the organization of materials and send them to hiteeipg@imthe.top before 10 p.m. on August 20. For a summary of the activity, Chinese characters should be at least 2000 words, and photos and videos can be allowed in as supplements. The words should include the purpose and content of the research, the introduction of the research process, summary and gains. If questionnaires or interviews are involved, one can provide them in summary.

Seventh: Points for Attention

1. If a letter of introduction is needed, you can contact Student Guo in the QQ group.

2. Please pay attention to your security and property in the practice process and select a reasonable spot according to the plans in the application form. It is suggested to purchase insurance during the visit.

3. If there are any problems or one need to have any materials for reference, one can send an email to hiteeipg@imthe.top for an answer.

Attachment1: the application form of “Beautiful China” ecological research group. docx

“Beautiful China” ecological research group of school of environment

July 11, 2017