Wu Baozhu, winner of the Fields Medal, was appointed professor of our university


Written by: Liu peixiang
Translated by: Li Zebing
Edited by: William Mosteller 
Date: 2019-8-29

Harbin Institute of Technology News (Liu peixiang/Text Xinran/Photo) On August 25, Professor Wu Baozhu, winner of the Fields Medal, was appointed as a lecturer of our university. Professor Wu Baozhu was presented with a letter of appointment by President Zhou Yu. An Shi, vice secretary and vice president of the school Party Committee, presided over the appointment ceremony. 
Professor Xu Quanhua, dean of the Institute of Mathematics, introduced professor Wu Baozhu. Professor Wu Baozhu is a world famous mathematician. He was born in Hanoi, Vietnam in 1972. In 2010, he was awarded the highest prestigious Fields Medal in the international mathematics field. He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and a foreign academician of the French Academy of Sciences. He is currently a professor at the University of Chicago and a lecturer at the French Academy. He is world-famous for proving the basic lemma of the Langlands program. In 2009, Time magazine listed the proof of basic lemma as one of the top ten scientific discoveries of the year. 
On behalf of the university, Zhou Yu expressed warm welcome and sincere thanks to Professor Wu Baozhu for joining Harbin Institute of Technology. He said that in recent years, that university has attached great importance to the construction of science disciplines, especially the development of mathematics. Under the leadership of Professor Xu Quanhua, a number of internationally renowned scholars came to Harbin Institute of Technology to carry out academic exchanges and cooperation, so that the mathematical discipline has been rapidly developed and the teaching team has been greatly enhanced. The school has set up the Mathematics Research Institute and the Mathematics College successively, which provides more space for the further development of the Mathematics subject. The joining of Professor Wu Baozhu will bring new opportunities for the future development of the mathematics discipline in Harbin Institute of Technology, and play an important role in attracting more famous scholars to the university and building a high-level discipline team. It is hoped that Professor Wu Baozhu will continue to exert his international influence in the field of mathematics and promote the development of mathematics at HIT to a higher level. 
Professor Wu Baozhu said that he was very honored to join HIT. In the future, he will do his best to fulfill his duties as a lecturer and devote himself to the development of mathematics at HIT, contributing to the team building, personnel training, scientific research, and international exchange of mathematics. By attracting more well-known scholars in the field of mathematics to Harbin Institute of Technology, we will deepen cooperation and exchange with teachers and students, open up new research directions for mathematical disciplines, provide more opportunities for international exchange and scientific research cooperation for teachers and students, help scholars and students who wish to devote themselves to mathematical research step onto the international stage, and help HIT complete the construction of an international high-level mathematical research center at an early date. 
Professor Wu Baozhu held a two-week seminar, organized a series of lectures, and held a question-and-answer session with teachers and students of mathematics. 

Professor Wu Baozhu was presented with a letter of appointment by President Zhou Yu