Great teacher of HIT: HuoJv, a new-generation “GeneralIron”


Editor's note:The teacher is the guide for the students and the one who helps them open the windows to enjoy the beauty of starlight. As an old saying goes in China, "There is nothing more important than respecting teachersin learning ", for excellent teachers have nurtured generations of talent for the country. At the centenary of HIT, we have specially planned and launched the column "HIT- Teachers".The first issue of teachers’ stories was quite a hit. And amidst the anticipation, the second issue came! Let's find out how Professor HuoJv has grown into a new-generation "GeneralIron "!


Spiritual heritage

"Akin to dedicated, diligent and earnest teachers generation by generation in HIT, I take over the torch of "Eight Hundred Heroes" sprit, as the successor of ‘General Iron’,said Professor HuoJvat the debut lecture of the "Eight Hundred Heroes" (distinguished teacher of the last century teaching in HIT)spiritual mission of HITon November 5, 2018. In this lecture, hetold the story of meritorious scientist Yu Daguang, the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, a person who made outstanding contributions to "two bombs, one satellite".


Preaching the spirit of the "Eight Hundred Heroes " of HITU


Professor Yu Daguang wrote the good story of “General Iron”, which means the people who have rigorous scholarship. As it is in sync with the motto of HIT, say, Rigor and Mastery”, the story is still popular on campus.In the Circuit Teaching and Research Section of the School of Electrical Engineering, this "General Iron " teaching style, derived from Professor Yu Daguang and passed down by generations of scholars, has now been borne into the mind of teachers such as HuoJv, and never abandon or give up.As Zhou Changyuan, an old teacher in the teaching and research office and former viceprincipal, once said, the spirit of "General Iron" requires teachers to check on themselves and educate people strictly. Not only is it strict, but it is also a love for students, and it is also a concentrated expression of the motto spirit of HIT.


Team of the Electrical Engineering Basic Teaching and Research Section of HIT in the 1950s


Strictly teaching

Huojv, who was enrolled in 1995 and finishedthe entire study process in HIT, has a deep understanding of this spirit.According to the requirements of the teaching and research office, at the beginning of his tenure as a teacher in the school in 2000, he was required to serve as a teaching assistant to his tutor, Professor Chen Xiyou. At the same time, he needed to listen to Professor Chen's two cycles of courses and assist him in completing teaching links such as answering questions and correcting assignments.In 2002, he stepped on the podium for the first time. Thanks to prior arrangements of the teaching and research office, he was like a duck to water and performed well. In the end, he scored a 95.28 on his first student evaluation.


When Huo was a student


When Huo was a teacher


"To teach students well is to love them the most." This is HuoJv’s opinion.In the past two decade of teaching, Huo has grown into a famous teacher in Heilongjiang Province, and has been awarded the title of "Good Teacher in My Mind" and other honors by HIT.The course "Circuit" he taught has been evaluated A + for ten consecutive years. The class he teaches has always had a high attendance rate and a high head-up rate. He is also a teacher and friend with the students. The students said that he teaches strictly and can combine imparting knowledge with shaping the overall quality of people...


In 2012, he participated in the first National Young Teachers' Teaching Competition in colleges and universities and won the second prize in engineering class.


Fresh teaching

During the prevention and control of COVID - 19, the "Circuit" course spearheaded by HuoJv, based on the "Circuit" national excellent online open course, fully embodies the online mixed teaching idea of "student-oriented and teacher-led" in the teaching design. The effect is remarkable and has won the praise of students.Therefore, it has been selected as a typical case of online teaching in colleges and universities during the epidemic prevention and control period in Heilongjiang Province.


Comments and Suggestions from students studying online circuits courses


Insatiable teaching


HuoJv’s photo

“With a chalk and a clean-handed style, you deliver the knowledge on the three-foot podium. With patience, you answer myriad questions from students all the time. With various thoughts, you industriously find out correct teaching methods. Ultimately, you have pupils everywhere.” This is a piece of calligraphy given to HuoJvby a student and the content in it is also a fitting assessment of him. As a new generation of "Generals Iron ", Huo made a vow of his own:With chalk dyed white hair, I will treat the podium as a battlefield; With dedicationto write my life, I will practice responsibility with patience.