Special Issue of Nature Introduced Centuried Harbin Institute of Technology to Global Talents


June 7, 2020 is the 100th anniversary of Harbin Institute of Technology. In the special issue published by Nature, Zhou Yu, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and President of HIT,  published an article called Piloting Science and Engineering Through Innovation. In this article, President Zhou Yu introduced the history, advantages and characteristics of HIT to the global scientific and technological talents, as well as the marvelous achievements of hit in scientific research. In addition, the article also introduced the basic situation of international exchange and cooperation, the pattern of “one university three campuses”, and looked forward to the development prospect of the school in the new century.

The special issue also comprehensively shows the landmark achievements of Harbin Institute of Technology in the fields of aerospace, mechanical and electrical engineering, materials science, automation, civil engineering, environmental science and engineering, computer science, chemistry, electronics and information engineering, instrument science, management, energy engineering, architecture, life science, etc., as well as the Ground Simulation Device of Space Environment of National Great Science Engineering, which is under construction now.