Our university has achieved good results in the experiment teaching case design competition of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Basic Course among other national universities


News from Harbin Institute of Technology (Li Yan), in the final of competition, “Ding Yang” Cup, the 7th National Experiment Teaching Case Design Competition of Electrical and Electronic Basic Courses held on June 6 and 7, three teams of our University won 2 first prizes and 1 second prize.           

The project "Chain Circuit Physical Simulation of Lossless Uniform Transmission line" of Qi Chao team from School of Electrical Engineering, and the project "Circuit System Design and Production of Intelligent Supermarket Shopping Cart" of Liu Jinlong team from School of Telecommunications won the national first prize. Additionally, Liu Jinlong won the best teaching award. The project "Solar Energy Forest Fire Warning System Design Based onAIoT" of Wang Meng team won the national second prize.           

This competition is jointly sponsored by China Electronics Society and National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center. The purpose of the competition is to guide the students to study, research, discover and master the methods and skills of experimental knowledge, so as to comprehensively apply theory to engineering practice and carry out exploration and research through the requirements of experimental tasks, teaching methods and teaching model design. By the selection of excellent experimental cases, the display of advanced concept, content, technology and methods of experimental teaching, and the promotion of experimental teaching reform focusing on students and inquiry teaching, the experimental teaching level of university teachers is improved.           

In this competition, 721 teams from 5 national competition zones were shortlisted. After the competition, 147 teams entered the final. Through teaching design demonstration, expert question and reply, teaching competition and other sessions, a total of 39 national first prizes, 50 second national prizes and 56 third national prizes were awarded.