Unveiling the Plaque of Faculty of Computing and Establishment of the Alumni Association of the Faculty


HIT News(Liu Pengxiang/text) On June 29, the inaugural meeting of Faculty of Computing and Alumni Association of the Faculty was held in Conference Room 118, Administration Building. President Zhou Yu attended the meeting and made a speech.

In order to further accelerate the "double first-class" construction of our university to serve the major strategic needs of the country, and seize the opportunity of construction and development for "internet power", "digital China" and "smart society", building a domestic leading and world-class computing discipline group, HIT has decided to establish the Faculty of Computing. The Faculty  will be planned according to the unified specifications, standards and requirements of the greater HIT. Meanwhile, it is expected to explore a new mechanism of "co-construction, sharing, intercommunication and complementarity" of the computing discipline group of "one university, three campus" through aiming for the "double first-class" construction, condensing major directions and building a high-level platform to gather first-class teachers for first-class achievements and talents.

President Zhou Yu said in his speech that the new century is a new starting point and a new journey. HIT faces the major strategic needs of the country by following the trend of international scientific and technological development and promoting the first-class interdisciplinary. Moreover, HIT seized the opportunity by taking active steps to build the Faculty of Computing as the first demonstration of the integrated development and reform with the strength of the whole university, helping the interdisciplinary integration and rapid development of HIT in the tide of artificial intelligence. During the meeting, on behalf of the university, Zhou Yu put forward four hopes for the majority of teachers, students and alumni of the Faculty of Computing. First, we should work hard to implement the instructions of President Xi's congratulatory letter with the correct direction  of running our university, and always take moral education as the fundamental task; second, we should make great efforts to build a high-level teaching staff through direction condensing, team gathering and platform building; third, we should work hard on the governance system of the Faculty  to explore the establishment of an overall planning mechanism of the greater HIT, thus, we can set a good example for integrated development and reform; fourth, we should work hard on interdisciplinary integration to empower all disciplines with AI and cultivate AI+X talents that are urgently needed by the country. Finally, he hoped that the faculty, students and alumni of the Faculty  would unite to meet the challenges, inheriting the precious spirit of the "800 warriors" of the older generation of HIT, represented by Mr. Chen Guangxi. In addition, all members should constantly pursue excellence with innovative minds and make contributions to the construction of the first-class computing discipline group.

In the report, Liu Ting, director of the Faculty of Computing introduced the development process and achievements of computing discipline from five aspects, such as "cultivating talents with strong morality, strengthening foundation of the discipline, attaching importance to practice, and cultivating the talents who serve the country". He said that the needs of the country and the people are the responsibilities of all teachers, students and alumni of the Faculty of Computing. The teachers and students of the Faculty will follow the guidance of President Xi's congratulatory letter, carrying out the glorious tradition of sharing weal and woe with our country. With the mission of "cultivating the talents and building high-end equipment for our country ", all members of the Faculty will work hard to realize the "two centenary" goals and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with their wisdom and strength.

At the meeting, the congratulatory videos of academician Wu Jianping of Tsinghua University, alumni of academician Gao Wen and academician Fang Binxing were shown, besides, the list of sending congratulatory letters by the experts and universities that keeps close contact with HIT for the establishment of the Faculty of Computing was read out.

The establishment of computer science major has been over 60 years, and more than 23,000 graduates have been cultivated. In order to better gather the strength of alumni, the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Computing was formally established. At the meeting, Cui Guolan, vice president of the Alumni Association and honorary president of the Faculty of Computing handed the plaque to Liu Ting, president of the association. He hoped that the association would standardize its organizational construction and widely mobilize alumni to promote interaction between alumni and HIT. Thus, we can jointly build the Alumni Association into an important platform for the alumni and the Faculty .

Li Sheng, the honorary president of the Alumni Association of the Faculty, former Chairman of the University Council and Xu Xiaofei, vice president, president of the Weihai campus reviewed the development course of the computing discipline in their speeches, and put forward expectations for the future development of the Faculty. They hoped that the teachers and students of the Faculty  would bear in mind the sincere instructions of President Xi's congratulatory letter with their original intentions and efforts to give full play to the exemplary role of the integrated development and reform of the greater HIT. What's more, the teachers and students of the Faculty should take the responsibility in terms of talents cultivating, scientific research and local service to win honor for HIT and the country.

Chen Xilin, deputy director of the Institute of Computing Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Jing Xiaojun, President of Ren Zixing Network Technology Co., Ltd.; Zhu Tong, executive vice president of Beijing Alumni Association, chairman and general manager of China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. made a video speech on behalf of alumni and local alumni associations separately. They appreciated the cultivation of HIT, which have molded their character of being a man and doing things and laid the foundation for their career achievements. Standing on the new starting point of the centenary of HIT, the vast number of alumni will keep in mind the place where their dreams started, working with the teachers and students of HIT to jointly achieve the next centennial goal as calculators.

Professor Che Wanxiang, a representative of young teachers of the Faculty of Computing and a young scholar of "Longjiang scholars", Leng Xiaokun, a representative of graduate students, chairman and founder of Leju Robot Technology Co., Ltd., said in their speech that they would inherit the spirit of the predecessors' patriotism, dedication and hard work in the new century's world-class journey. They will continue to forge ahead in their work and study, and take action to make contributions for the Faculty and HIT and our country with more brilliant achievements.

The attendees included Liu Hong, vice president and Wu Songquan, vice Chairman of University Council, vice president as well as people in charge of relevant units and representatives of teachers from the Faculty of Computing.