"Moving the laboratory home" --Electric and Electronic Experimental Teaching Centerexplore a new way in the "cloud"


HIT News(Liu Peixiang/text) It was a so special semester that a sudden pandemic had blocked the return of students. The teachers and students who should have met in the classroom could only meet through the screen.

Hence, this special teaching and learning was born. The teachers move the experimental platform to the "cloud" and keep teaching, while students conduct online experiments at home.

The Electric and Electronic Experimental Teaching Center from the School of Electrical Engineering and Automation has completed such unusual online experimental courses through the "hard core" online experimental teaching platform and various online experimental teaching forms, handing in a qualified answer sheet for the online experimental teaching of HITin the test of COVID-19.

Keep online experiments’ integrity intact

In the age of the Internet, online classes are nothing new, but doing experiments online still sounds a bit novel. How can hands-on lessons, which require close contact with laboratory equipment, be implemented in the cloud?

This depends on what the students call “hard-core” Electrical and Electronic Remote Online Experimental Teaching Platform. With such a platform, there is only one Internet distance between you and laboratory instruments and equipment, and "crossing time and space" to do experiments becomes a reality.

Twelve experimental teachers are responsible for 30 specialties, 9 experimental courses, nearly 3,000 students, 68,000 teaching tasks...As you can see, the magnitude of pressure is unimaginable. Without the experimental teaching platform, these online experimental courses will become "castles in the air".

To provide students with relatively real experiences and hands-on experimentation at homeas well as contacting the real experimental instruments via the Internet, the teachers of the center have racked their brains.They usedandoptimized limited resources on hand to build the Electrical and Electronic Remote Online Experimental Teaching Platform.The platform adopts the real experimental teaching hardware equipment of the laboratory, i.e. Oscilloscope with network interface, signal source, DC stabilized power supply, desktop multimeter and other equipment, as well as modular electronic technology experimental box, as the experimental content construction object, so that the remote online experiment can restore the real experimental scene as much as possible.

Although students operate the virtual interface of instruments and experimental devices in the computer, at the other end of the network, the experimental equipment and devices in the laboratory are workingin a real way, and the feedback experimental results and data are also real. Through simulating the virtual operation interface of the real experimental platform, students remotely complete the construction of experimental circuits and control real experimental instruments coupled with obtaining real experimental datawith the help of Internet technology. The expert system can judge whether the students are connected correctly and whether the parameters are configured properly in real time, and give necessary error prompts and reference reminders to prevent students from damaging equipment due to random operation. It can also help students to better understand the experimental contents and increase their interest in experiments.

This kind of remote online experiment is the same as the offline experiment, in which each student uses the instrument and equipment resources alone during the experiment. Due to the limited number of hardware experimental resources of the experimental platform, it is unable to meet the requirements of opening the experimental content, so the center promptly introduced the online experimental platform of digital electronic technology experiment to share stress.

Online experimental teaching is popular with students. Within one week of opening, 1510 people successfully completed the experiment, of which hundreds of students delivered online feedback after the experiment. Many students believe that remote experiments can control laboratory equipment at home and basically achieve the effect of laboratory experiments, or online operation is more convenient than actual laboratory operation, which saves time and will not lead to crowd. It feels very novel and rewarding.



Human-Computer Interaction Interface of Online Experimental Platform for Digital Electronic Technology Experiment

Round-the-clock guidance

As the old saying goes, “A nine-story platform starts from the base soil.” With the support of the hardware platform, we also need the guarantee of software. This software originates from the accumulation of a large number of digital teaching resources in the early process of fully open, independent learning and teaching, from the practical experience of online and offline mixed experimental teaching through “Internet plus”, and from the “all-weather” and “all-round” online guidance of teachers in the center. These resources and experiences pave a solid path for experimental teachingin the cloud.

At the beginning of this semester, the teachers of the centerhave been fully involved in in the development of an online experimental teaching mode with a variety of experimental contents and forms, such as MOOC/SPOC platform learning, remote online experiments, virtual physical experiments, EDA simulation software experiments, etc., after combining the characteristics of circuit, electronics and electrotechnics experiments.

Through intensive construction, the center has released 209 teaching videos for a total of 1300 minutes and 568 online learning test questions. It has moved the fully open and self-directed learning experimental teaching mode, which has been used for many years in the center's offline experimental teaching, to online. Through network technology and information means, it has carried out real-time and all-round management of the distance online experimental teaching process and students' learning situation.


Digital teaching resources


The Central portal for online experimental teaching and management



The center's teachers are conducting online experimental teaching


Statistical chart of learning at the SPOC stage of the experiment (electrical engineering experiment as an example)


Students complete their experimental study online


Students' encouragement to teachers in QQ group

In the remote online platform, we saw many students' messages---

Wang Yue, Department of Welding Technology and Engineering: I think this method is very good. There are many experiments that cannot be operated by hand because of the epidemic situation. As a result, I have to look at the books given by the teacher and stare blankly (just like no physical performance). This experiment is very novel. Remote operation is basically the same as actual operation and has the same fun. Knowing that the teachers went to such great lengths to build such a bridge for us, I am really thankful, touched and grateful to the teachers. All the teachers have worked hard!

Li Zonglin, Department of Control Science and Engineering: It was great, it felt like we were in a lab! Kudos to the teachers for doing such a great experiment at home! All the teachers have worked hard!

Yang Chao, Department of Automated Testing and Engineering: It is very meaningful for HIT to arrange this remote experiment. Even at home, you can feel the pleasure of running the experiment on the computer and have a better understanding of the model electrical experiment...

Liu Shuo, Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics: Great, Great, Great! It is hoped that it can become a course in the future for interested students to carry out remote experiments at an appropriate time, so as to solve the problems of insufficient time and students' dissatisfaction.

Abdul Salamu Abdul Reheman, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Automation: This experiment is very new and special to me. I experienced the virtual simulation experiment and deepened my knowledge of electrical technology. I really like it.

Ke Zheng, Department of Municipal Engineering: I feel that the function of one-touch connection is very powerful, which also helps students who always make mistakes in connection to check whether there are any mistakes in their connections. The teachers really put their heart into it and the instructions are really detailed. Great job teachers! Love you!


The teachers of the Electric and Electronic Experimental Teaching Center started from bits and pieces, planned the contents of each experiment and perfected each experimental link, so as to have this special trip to the network experimental course.

Speaking of the future work, teachers at the center said that they will stick to the fundamental task of educating people with virtue, adhering to the talent training characteristics of “thick foundation, strong practice, strict process and pursue innovation”. Also, they will bear in mind President Xi's earnest instructions in his congratulatory letter to the 100th anniversary of the founding of Harbin Institute of Technology, and keep in mind the initial mission of "educating people for the Party and the country", as well as constantly apply new ideas and technologies, innovate teaching modes, promote teaching reform. All things together will guide students to be aspiring young people withnational sentiment and responsibility from every bit of teaching.