The three campuses of HIT welcome the first batch of freshers in its new centurial journey


HIT News - In this golden season of autumn, all the three campuses of HIT in Harbin, Shenzhen and Weihai jointly welcomed the first batch of freshers in its new century. On the afternoon of September 13, HIT held an opening ceremony for the freshers of 2020 onthree campuses simultaneously online and offline. The ceremony was broadcast live on many platforms such as, People's Daily App, XiongSihao, Chairman of the University Council, attended the ceremony and wore the school badge for the freshmen representatives. Zhou Yu, President of HIT and academician of CAS, delivered a speech.

In his speech, Zhou Yu pointed out that as the first batch of freshers of HIT in the new century, theirchoice to start a new journey at HITwouldmake itmore vital and vigorous.He continued that we celebrated the 100th anniversary of HIT this year, andsurely it became a "grand event" online. And the most inspiring of all was the congratulatory letter sent by President Xi, which was a great encouragement and spur to all teachers, students and alumni at home and abroad.The letter clearly pointed out the way forward and provided fundamental guidelines for us to take root in China and strive to develop HIT into a world-class university. Faced with the sudden outbreak of Covid-19, students overcame the difficulties brought about by "online learning", "postponement of college entrance examination", "online defense" and "cloud interview for graduate students".The freshers who chose to open a new chapter of their life at Harbin Institute of Technology, would become the participants, witnesses andbuilders of HIT's new 100-year history of development.

Zhou Yu said to all the new students that President Xi's congratulatory letter kicked off the new century of HIT, pointing out the direction for our development, and the freshers would also begin to write HIT’s history in its new century. Regardless of whether theywere in the northern ice city, on the shore of the Yellow Sea, or in the southern Pengcheng, he hope that the fresherswould inherit the spirit of HIT, sticking to the specifications as well as practicing the skills at HIT, and realize the dream of youth by working hardand sail together with the 100-year old HITto a new destination!

Liu Wen, an undergraduate student from Weihai Campus, Xu Pengzhao, a postgraduate student from Shenzhen Campus, and Su Yuan, a doctoral student from Harbin Campus, spoke as representatives of the students, sharing the story of their personal experience gained from studies of their majors at HIT. Wang Weijian, an undergraduate student from Harbin campus, Guo Chaowen, a master student from Weihai Campus, and Lei Zhongduo, a doctoral student from Shenzhen Campus, as representatives of thefreshersof 2020, spoke at the ceremony and sharedtheir first impressions of HIT and their prospects for future life. Led byZhu Rongkuan, a representative of the freshmen, a member of the Presidium of the University Student Union and the leader of the Guangxi team of the 17th Graduate Student Support Group, all of the new students from the three campuses took the oath of youth.

At the end of the ceremony, all the participants sang the "Song of HIT" together with the beautiful and haunting melody echoing over the stadium for a long time.

Parents of new students and alumni from all over the country watched the ceremony on site or live online,and left comments and wishes on various platforms: " A new century and a new journey, may my son, as the first batch of students of HIT's new century, strive for nothing but the best!" " I hope that HIT will make greater and greater contributions to our country, and that my son can succeed in his studies at HIT and contribute to China's space industry!" " For the sake of our dreams, we are gathered here at HIT. We wish the freshers of 2020 a bright future!"



The venue of Harbin campus


The venue of Wei Hai campus


The venue of Shen Zhen campus



The National Flag Raising and National Anthem Playing Ceremony


XiongSihao, Chairman of the University Council, wore the school badge for the freshmen representatives.


Zhou Yu, President of HIT and Academician of CAS, delivered a speech.


Award ceremony


Message from the Academiciansof CAS



Representatives of alumni delivered speeches.




Representatives of current students delivered speeches.




Representatives of (new students)freshersdelivered speeches.


The Oath of Youth




On-site studentsFreshers at the ceremony