Special October 1st, Extraordinary Memory


On the early morning of October 1

The theme flag raising ceremony was held in the first and second campus at the same time

Celebrating the 71st anniversary of the founding of New China

The teachers and students sang "My Motherland and Me" together

Clustered around the huge national flag

Expressing the patriotic feeling in their heart

In the new century and new journey

All the faculty of HIT wish our great motherland prosperity!

The theme flag raising ceremony


During the period of the “National Day”

Student apartments are full of "Chinese Red" decorations

When the National Day meets the Mid-autumn Festival, the national congratulation and family reunion were celebrated on the same day.

There is a festive air everywhere

In order to make the remaining students feel the warmth of home

The apartment staff and students

Make moon cakes, guess lantern riddles, play games and write blessings

Spend two festivals together with cheers and laughter

In order for students to experience the shock of domestic blockbusters on campus

The school has shown movies on the first and second campus for 4 consecutive days

"800 Warriors" and "My Motherland and Me"

Two patriotic films

Let students feel the strength of faith in reviewing history

Determined to serve the country while cherishing the present moment

From October 1st to 4th

The Department of Basic Studies held a series of colorful activities for grade 2020 freshmen

Including the campus Guinness, flag-carrying relay

Photo taking with my motherland, Mid-Autumn lanterns making,

"The love for country, school, and hometown" knowledge contest, etc

The colleges also held unique cultural and sports activities

Let students feel the atmosphere of double festivals at any time

Form October 3rd to 4th

Annual student association recruitment and elegant demeanour display were held

In first and second campus respectively

All the clubs are doing their best

Stage “the fight for talents” scene

Adding a bit of fun for HIT during the festival days