Academician Tian Gang and Academician Wang Xiaoyun Attend the Scientist Forum


HIT News (Cao Meiling/Text Liu Zhiqiang/Photo) - Recently, Tian Gang, Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Chair Professor of Peking University, Director of Beijing International Center for Mathematics Research, and Member of Executive Committee of International Mathematical Union, as well as Wang Xiaoyun, Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, “C. N. Yang Professorship”Professor of the Institute for Advanced Study of Tsinghua University, and Fellow of the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR), attended the Scientist Forum of HIT, giving academic reports on “Euler Number and Symplectic Geometry” and “Cryptography and Blockchain Technology” to teachers and students respectively. President Zhou Yu met with Academician Tian and Academician Wang and presented them the Letter of Appointment as “guest speaker of Scientist Forum”.

Academician Tian Gang introduced in detail in his report the life of mathematician Euler who was engaged in mathematical research with tenacity and dedication, as well as the formation, development, perfection and wide application of Euler formula. He also introduced the development process of enumerative geometry and shared the research work of himself and his collaborators in this field. Academician Wang Xiaoyun introduced the development and application of cryptography in her report, and emphasized the importance of cryptography. She also introduced the origin and development of block chain technology, and analyzed the technical difficulties. In the Question & Answer section, Academician Tian and Academician Wang answered the questions raised by teachers and students detailedly, encouraging them to learn to enjoy loneliness and devote themselves to basic mathematics research for more findings of original mathematical study.

During the visit, Academicians Tian Gang and Wang Xiaoyun had in-depth exchanges with representatives of young teachers from the School of Mathematics, put forward specific suggestions on the development of mathematics, and encouraged young teachers to be calm, practical and realistic for scientific researches, and to be “real mathematicians”.


President Zhou Yu Meets with Academician Tian Gang and Academician WangXiaoyun



The “Letter of Appointment” Awarding Ceremony


The Forum



The Report Section