In the heart of every member of HIT, there is a lecture hall


The classroom is the place where students stay for knowledge

It is a place every learner must be familiar with during their school days

At HIT, there is such a kind of classroom

Which carries the memories of generations of students

This very place is the lecture hall

On today’s Centennial Impression

We are bringing you back to the campus

Looking for the memory of the past


Photo丨The lecture hall



Guo Hong, an alumnus who enrolled in 1984, recalls:

After entering the school

What impressed everyone most was the lecture hall

It was literally the best place for learning

At that time, there was a special classroom for night study

But people prefer to go to the lecture hall

In this room

We motivate each other to learn


Photo丨Alumnus Guo Hong


Every classroom

Saw the students’ hard work

As well as their pursuit of truth

Every classroom

Witnessed the inheritance

Of the “Eight Hundred Heroes” spirit

Diligence and dedication

Are in the blood of generations to come


Ma Bingbing, an alumnus who enrolled in 1996, recalls:

Actually, speaking of lecture halls

The 201 Forum was particularly impressive

Plans of many activities and lines of the host

Most of which were done in the lecture hall


Photo丨Alumnus Ma Bingbing


Besides learning

There's a lot more going on here.

The steep steps

Left many a youthful footprint

Too many memories were played back here

The students thus

Cherish this “big hall” even more


Photo丨The lecture hall “big hall”


Guo Yangyang, an alumnus who enrolled in 2010

Reminisces about his college days like this:

It was my freshman year

My first class then was Mathematical Analysis

I arrived at the classroom 20 minutes earlier


There only left the last two rows of seats available

I was literally shocked

This was my first class in college

I took it in the last row of the lecture hall

And then later

The first three rows of the lecture hall

Were always reserved for girls


Photo丨Alumnus Guo Yangyang


For a hundred years

The lecture hall kept “welcoming and sending”

The owners here were constantly “updating”

Drinking water and thinking of the source

Generations of Harbin Institute of Technology

Haven't forgotten their lecture hall

Many years later

The lecture hall is still

a place they care and dream about


Photo丨Students having classes in the classroom


Professor Cheng Yanping from the School of Astronautics recalls:

Students, who enrolled in 1986, returned to School on the 20th Anniversary of Graduation

At that time, it was suggested

That to have one more class in the college

Just for 50 minutes

In the old electric building

The lecture hall was very narrow

When I walked into the classroom and onto the podium

The students stood up and applauded

All of these makes me so happy right now

It's been almost 20 years and they haven't forgotten me


Photo丨Professor Cheng Yanping


Professor Yang Xiaozong from the Faculty of Computing said:

Students sitting in the lecture hall

Talents trained by high-level teachers

Make contributions to the development of the country

All of these are what HIT is most proud of


Photo丨Professor Yang Xiaozong