HIT Held the First Sino-Russian Physics Teaching Seminar


Recently, the first Sino-Russian Physics Teaching Seminar was successfully held at Harbin Institute of Technology. This seminar was co-hosted by HIT and St. Petersburg State University, which was hosted by the School of Physics of HIT. The purpose of the seminar is to promote exchanges and cooperation in the field of physics teaching between China and Russia, promote the teaching reform of physics courses in my China, and further improve the quality of teaching. Nearly 50 Chinese and Russian physics teaching experts and famous teachers from both China and Russia gathered online to focus on the frontiers of the future development of physics and share teaching reform experience. Xu Dianguo, the vice president of Harbin Institute of Technology, and Lavlikova, the first teaching vice president of St. Petersburg State University attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

Xu Dianguo hopes that experts from China and Russia will better communicate in teaching seminars for the better educational resource sharing model, innovative education and teaching methods, and a higher level of Sino-Russian physics cooperation.

Ravlikova congratulated on the opening of the seminar. She hoped that experts from China and Russia could establish a long-term interaction and exchange mechanism to facilitate the expansion of the joint training program for high-level talents and accelerate the emergence of new achievements in Sino-Russian cooperation in physics teaching.

A total of 22 experts will be invited to give presentations in four sub-forums during the two-day conference. The first and second sub-forums are for the exchanges of professional courses in physics between China and Russia, and the third and fourth sub-forums are for the exchanges of basic physics courses between China and Russia. Experts from both sides conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the teaching reform of physics professional courses, physics experiment courses, and teaching content.