Xiong Sihao, Secretary of the Party committee of HIT, Led the Team to Check the Preparation for the Beginning of the Spring Semester


Spring semester is coming. In order to ensure the smooth progress of all the work after teachers and students return to campus, Xiong Sihao, secretary of the Party committee of HIT, led a team to visit key places and areas where teachers and students study and live on March 2nd to check the epidemic prevention and control and the preparation for the new semester.

In the library, the school building, students supermarket, A10 dormitory, Zhengxin building, kindergarten and other places, Xiong Sihao and his team carefully listened to and asked about the relevant preparation work and emergency measures, and put forward specific guidance for the existing problems. He stressed that all departments must be cautious at all times, insist on finding and solving problems on a regular basis, truly achieve daily monitoring and management, and do their best to protect the physical and mental health of teachers, students and staff. With the school motto of "Upholding Rigor and Engineering Excellence ", we treat all the work seriously and strictly, and start the new semester with a new look.

An Shi, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of HIT; Wu Songquan, Deputy Secretary of Party committee of HIT and Vice President; Fan Feng, Assistant President and responsible persons of the relevant units to participate in the inspection work.