The new semester is starting. Let’s go,Hiters!


After celebrating the Spring Festival and the winter holiday,


are motivated when we return to our campus.

The new semester is a new starting point.

And our hard work will lead us to success.

01   Let's take classes together!


The first day of school begins our new season for struggle.

Taking bags loaded with anticipation,

students return to their familiar classrooms.  

They clash and discuss ideas in class.

They listen carefully and take careful notes.

With the help of diligence,

they can enjoy the swimming in the ocean of knowledge.

In the spring semester, 3793 courses are offered in HIT. These courses are taught by 1,707 teachers and attended by 143,164 students. There were 122 courses taking in the first class on the morning of March 8, involving 19 educational units.

02  Let’s go to the library together!


When we open the door of library, we will find that it is newly decorated

We take the orderly line for seat selection

We have the thirst for knowledge and study hard here.

We race against the clock for studying.

Our favorite things are

the bugle awakening the dawn, the lamps shining at night

the eyes reading books and the steps seeking for knowledge.

03 Let’s go to the laboratory together!


Never forgetting what we set out to do and moving forward with our dreams,

we uphold the scientific attitude and maintain our scientific literacy

We think independently and work together as a team.

We study hard and progress leisurely.  

Hope we can have the joy of success,

and can be excited with our success.

04  Let’s go for meal together !


“It smells good!”

"I miss the canteen so much."

“It's so popular with so many people queuing ! ”

Colorful windows in canteen,

a rich variety of food ,

and different styles of cooking

attract teachers and students come in an endless stream

Perhaps the special taste from HIT canteen

is the most unforgettable things

in the heart of Hiters.

We study hard in HIT.

We enjoy delicious food in HIT.

We experience the fun of sports in HIT.

We walk around the campus with our friends in HIT.

@Hiters, please sign for the happy days in HIT.

Let's set the new journey again!

Here, we would like to send a wish to all Hiters:

let’s make great ambitions,

and create glorious achievements in this semester!