2021 China-Russia Symposium on Polar Studies Held Online


Recently, 2021 China-Russia Symposium on Polar Studies was held online. The symposium was co-hosted by the Northern (Arctic) Federal University (NarFU), with the participation of the Specialized Committee for Polar Environment and Ecosystem, Chinese Society for Environment Science (SCPEE-CSES) and Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT). REN Nanqi (academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of SCPEE-CSES ) and SHEN Yi ( assistant president of HIT), attended the symposium and delivered speeches.

SHEN Yi gave a talk about China’s policy on Arctic affairs and HIT’s achievements in polar research. He expressed the hope that NarFU and HIT could have more in-depth exchanges in the polar researches.

REN Nanqi said that the active scientific research exchanges between the two universities have promoted the pragmatic cooperation and made great contributions to the developments of technology in polar research and scientific research education.

A total of Eight talks were made in this symposium (3 by Russian participants and 5 by Chinese participants). Participants exchanged views on environment, materials, atmosphere, health and life condition of the polar areas. The symposium aims to improve the level of polar research and promote further communication and exploration in this field through the communication among the top scholars of polar studies from the two universities.

Fifteen well-known scholars of polar studies at home and abroad and more than 20 doctoral students from relevant universities, as well as many teachers from HIT School of Environment, School of Architecture, and State Key Laboratory of Urban Water Resource and Environment also attended the symposium.