Inheriting the Century-old Specifications and Creating the Future of Artificial Intelligence Research


——The 3rd Anniversary Seminar of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute was Held in HIT

On May 22nd, the 3rd Anniversary Seminar of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute was held in the 201 Report Hall of the International Conference Center,  with “inheriting the century-old specifications and creating the future of artificial intelligence research” as the theme. Experts and scholars from the field of AI gathered to discuss the academic frontier of AI.

Gao Wen, director of the Academic Committee of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, delivered a speech via video. Shi Zhaohui, Deputy Director-General of Science and Technology Department of Heilongjiang Province, Liu Guoli, Deputy Director-General of Harbin Science and Technology Bureau, Guo Bin, Vice President of HIT, and Professor Li Sheng, Honorary Director of the Academic Committee of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute delivered speeches on the seminar. Luan Zhicheng, vice mayor of Harbin, leaders of relevant units and experts from the Academic Committee of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute attended the opening ceremony.

Shi Zhaohui said in his speech that Heilongjiang Province is committed to building an artificial intelligence technology innovation system with enterprises as the main body, markets as the guide and deep integration of production, education, research and application. Harbin is actively creating a “National New-Generation Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Development Experimental Zone”, which provides many platforms for the application of artificial intelligence technology. Since Heilongjiang Province and HIT jointly established the Institute, many achievements of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of HIT have been successfully applied. It is hoped that in the next development the research institute will actively explore system and mechanism innovation to attract and gather high-end talents; develop towards the forefront of the world and make breakthroughs in basic theories and key technical fields; and support the economic and social development of Heilongjiang province, carry out multi-scenario applications, and make greater contributions to the upgrading of artificial intelligence industry and the economic take-off of Heilongjiang province.

In the speech, Guo Bin expressed gratitude to provincial and municipal leaders, experts and scholars, and all sectors of the society for their strong support to the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of HIT. He said that since the establishment, the institute has been making full use of the basic research advantages, regional advantages, industrial advantages and financial advantages of “one university and three districts”, and constantly exploring the interdisciplinary scientific research and innovative postgraduate training mode with the characteristics of HIT, and the mechanism for the combination of production, education and research and the achievement transformation suitable for Heilongjiang economic development. The new research and development institution jointly built by Heilongjiang Province and HIT is now running smoothly. It is hoped that the Institute will achieve greater development so as to promote artificial intelligence to become a new engine of social and economic development, contribute wisdom and strength to the development of artificial intelligence in China, and push the artificial intelligence research in HIT, Harbin and even Heilongjiang Province to new heights.

Liu Jie, president of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, made a work report, summarizing and reviewing the development history and achievements of the Institute.

The participating leaders unveiled the newly established Intelligent Manufacturing and Equipment Research Center, Intelligent Medical and Health Research Center, Unmanned Systems Research Center, Intelligent Environment Research Center and Intelligent Civil Engineering Research Center, and issued letters of appointment to the members of the research centers.

After the opening ceremony, experts and scholars from the field of artificial intelligence made invited reports. The research centers made work reports.

The Artificial Intelligence Research Institute was established in May 2018. In December 2020, the provincial government and HIT signed an agreement to jointly build “Harbin Institute of Technology Artificial Intelligence Research Institute Co., Ltd. (a new R&D institution)”. Characterized by interdisciplinary and aiming to build a world-class scientific research platform, the Institute carries out basic research on artificial intelligence and applied research on "AI+" empowerment. At present, the Institute has three talent teams in Heilongjiang Province and five scientific research platforms, such as "Internet of Things Intelligent Technology", and have established eight research centers, including "Brain Science and Brain-inspired Intelligence", forming an “AI+” empowerment innovation landing mode led by artificial intelligence demonstration projects, and achieving a number of research results in the fields of smart agriculture, intelligent manufacturing and industrial internet, smart civil engineering, smart environment and smart heating. The Academic Committee of the Institute has brought together more than 20 top artificial intelligence experts at home and abroad to build a highland of artificial intelligence talents. At the same time, the Institute has established in-depth cooperative relationship or joint laboratories with well-known enterprises such as Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and iFlytek to jointly carry out academic exchanges, scientific research and personnel training. In the future, the Institute will attract high-end talents of artificial intelligence through the "Strong Intelligence" plan, cooperation between provinces and universities and joint efforts of production and research.

Leaders from relevant units in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, experts and scholars from well-known universities and research institutions, enterprise representatives, and heads of relevant units, teachers and students of HIT, attended the seminar.

科研新闻43-承百年规格 创智研未来 人工智能研究院三周年研讨会举行6353.png 

Seminar site

科研新闻43-承百年规格 创智研未来 人工智能研究院三周年研讨会举行6372.png

Gao Wen's Video Speech

科研新闻43-承百年规格 创智研未来 人工智能研究院三周年研讨会举行6401.png

Speech by Shi Zhaohui

科研新闻43-承百年规格 创智研未来 人工智能研究院三周年研讨会举行6425.png 

Speech by Liu Guoli

科研新闻43-承百年规格 创智研未来 人工智能研究院三周年研讨会举行6447.png 

Speech by Guo Bin

科研新闻43-承百年规格 创智研未来 人工智能研究院三周年研讨会举行6467.png 

Speech by Li Sheng