Prof. Hu Wins the Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of China Metrology and Testing


HIT News——Few days ago, the Award Ceremony for the 2020 China Science and Technology Progress Award of Metrology and Testing Society was held in Beijing. The project of  Multi-Axis Ultra-Precision Laser Interferometry Technology and Instrument completed by Prof. Hu Pengcheng’s team from the Institute of Ultra-Precision Optoelectronic Instrument Engineering, School of Instrumentation in HIT, won the first prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award (Basic Research Category) of the Society.

Under the guidance and continuous support of Academician Tan Jiubin, Prof. Hu Pengcheng’s team has focused on the ultra-precision laser interferometry technology research for many years. Facing the needs of high velocity, high precision and ultra-real time measurement in China’s high-end equipment manufacturing and frontier scientific research, and relying on the major special tasks of the national science and technology, the major research programs of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the international cooperative research projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the fundamental projects of National Special Technology and so on, the project has systematically carried out the research on the principle, key technology and instrument engineering of nano/sub-nanometer laser interferometry, and solved the core problems of inaccurate, imprecise and slow measurement in this field by adopting the independent technical route. On this basis, the team has cooperated with several enterprises to transform the results and developed a series of ultra-precise laser interferometer products, with four core indexes reaching or outperforming similar top foreign instruments, and has obtained more than 90 Chinese and foreign invention patents. The academician expert appraisal concluded that the research results of the project “have reached the international advanced level as a whole, and three key technologies are international leading”. At present, more than 80 sets have been successfully applied in 16 units, including the National Academy of Metrology, the National Seismological Bureau, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, and Shanghai Microelectronics Equipment Co. It has played a major role in the development of domestic high-end ultra-precision equipment, the establishment of national metrology benchmark devices and other major national projects, and has strongly promoted the development and upgrading of high-end equipment manufacturing, ultra-precision metrology and other industries in China.

The Science and Technology Progress Award of China Metrology and Testing Society, an important award in the field of metrology and testing in China, was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Office of Science and Technology Awards in 2013. It is selected once a year, and for 8 times have been held so far. Six achievements of the Society’s awards in recent years have been successfully declared for national awards. After a strict qualification review, online preliminary review,conference review and final review by the review committee, a total of seven first prizes in the basic research category were selected for the 2020 China Science and Technology Progress Award of  Metrology and Testing Society.



Prof. Hu Pengcheng at the award ceremony (Fourth from the left)