"Nurturing the Roots and Enlightening the Mind" ---The HIT Fifth Teaching Festival Closed


HIT News---Nurturing the roots of the minds to nurture outstanding talents and enlightening the hearts to seek excellence. On May 27, HIT held the 5th Teaching Festival Closing Ceremony in Activity Center 301 to commend individuals and teams of excellent teachers and students who stand out regarding their achievements in education and teaching in the past year. The ceremony was webcast live simultaneously across three campus of HIT. Party Secretary Xiong Sihao attended the closing ceremony and made a speech.

In his speech, Xiong Sihao congratulated the commended teachers and students on behalf of the Party Committee of HIT and expressed his gratitude to the faculty and staff who have made outstanding contributions the university’s achievements in education and teaching.

At the closing ceremony, students were awarded titles or honors such as "Top 10 Learning Stars", "Top 10 Academic Support Volunteers", "Top 10 Best Note Takers", "Top 10 Academic Support Teams", "Dormitories of Most Dedicated Students" and "Classes with no Students Required to Take Make-up Exams", while representatives of faculty groups were commended who had earned honors such as "Departments Excelling at Supporting Students in Academic Competitions", "Departments Excelling at Program Development", "‘New Star’ Young Mentors", "The First Heilongjiang Textbook Development Award", "Model Courses in Ideological and Political Education of Heilongjiang Province”, “Distinguished Teachers of Heilongjiang Province”, “Teams of teachers of Excellence of Heilongjiang Province" "National First-class Courses" "National Distinguished Teachers". In addition, individuals were also commended who had won awards including the "Heilongjiang Teaching Achievement Award", prizes in the "National Teaching Competition ", the "Award for Excellent Research Papers on Teaching" and the "Award for Excellent Instructor and Teacher in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education for University Students ", "My Favorite Class Sponsor" and "Excellent Teaching Management Staff".

Speeches were later given by representatives of the awardees: Guo Fengyu, one of the "Top Ten Learning Stars" and an undergraduate student of the School of Astronautics; Zhu Wenhui, winner of the "Top Ten Academic Support Teams Award" and a member of the team of Party members supervising students’ learning activities of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Professor Zhao Qingliang, winner of the "First Heilongjiang Province Textbook Development Award” from the School of Environment; Ren Yanyu, a young teacher from the School of Physics and also the principal teacher of a "Model Course in Ideological and Political Education of Heilongjiang Province ".

Zhang Shudi, Secretary of the Party Committee of Weihai Campus, leaders of schools, departments and divisions and representatives of teachers and students of the three campuses attended the closing ceremony.