“Rainbow Fund Olympic Lecture Hall”" entered Harbin Institute of Technology. Yu Zaiqing, Vice President of the International Olympic Committee, shared the Olympic culture with IOC members


Harbin Institute of Technology Full Media (Yan Mingxing/Text Xinran/Photo) May 30, three members of the International Olympic Committee gathered at HIT, including Yu Zaiqing, Vice President of the International Olympic Committee, Vice President of the Chinese Olympic Committee, Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics and Founding Chairman of Samaranch Sports Development Foundation, Li Lingwei, vice president of the Chinese Olympic Committee and chairman of Samaranch Sports Development Foundation, and Zhang Hong, associate professor of Physical Education Department of Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT). Yu Zaiqing shared his stories about the Olympic Games in the “Rainbow Fund Olympic Lecture Hall”. Secretary of the Party Committee of HIT, Xiong Sihao, held a talk with Yu’s delegation.

HIT Deputy Secretary of the Party committee and Vice President, Wu Songquan, and HIT Assistant President, Shen Yi, attended the relevant activities.

It is reported that “Rainbow Fund Olympic Lecture Hall” is a public campaign for Olympic education launched after the establishment of Rainbow Fund. Its aim is to invite professionals such as Olympic champions, world champions, Olympic experts and officials of international organizations to enter the university campus, and share with students about Olympic culture, impart knowledge of ice and snow sports, promote understanding of Olympic culture and help spread Olympic culture through talks, speeches, photo exhibitions and memorial exhibitions.


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