Teachers of HIT Have Achieved Good Results in the National College Electrical and Electronic Basic Course Experimental Teaching Case Design Competition


Harbin Institute of Technology's All Media (Ji Xuan/Text) On May 23rd, the 8th National College Electrical and Electronic Basic Course Experimental Teaching Case Design Competition finals (Dingyang Cup) came to an end. A total of 4 teams from our school took part in the competition, winning 2 first prizes, 1 second prize and 1 third prize, and winning the only highest prize in the country, “Dingyang Cup”.

In the School of Electrical Engineering, the “DC Magnetic Circuit System (Solenoid) Simulation and Physical Test” project of You Jiaxin’s Team and the “Tracking and Speeding Electric Vehicle Design” project of Zhang Gang’s Team won the national first prize; the “Magnetic Coupling Resonant Wireless Power Transmission System Design Experiment” project of Liu Hongchen’s team won the national second prize; the “Circuit System Design and Manufacture of Intelligent Sorting Trash Cans” project of Li Hongzhi’s team from the School of Telecommunications won the national third prize.

The experimental teaching case of You Jiaxin’s team stood out among many works in the finals and won the country’s only highest award “Dingyang Cup”. This is the first time that HIT has won the country’s highest award in this competition.

This competition is co-sponsored by the China Electronics Association and the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center Joint Association. It aims to guide students to learn, research, discover and master experimental knowledge, methods and skills independently, apply knowledge comprehensively, contact engineering practice and carry out exploratory research through experimental task requirements, teaching methods and teaching mode design. Through the selection of excellent experimental cases, the advanced concepts, contents, techniques and methods of experimental teaching are displayed, and the experimental teaching reform with students as the main body and inquiry teaching as the focus is promoted, and the experimental teaching level of university teachers is improved.

A total of 633 teams from 5 major competition regions across the country were shortlisted in this competition. After the regional competition, 135 teams entered the finals. Through teaching design demonstrations, expert questions and answers, teaching competitions and other links, a total of 43 national first prizes, 41 second prizes and 51 third prizes were selected. 


You Jiaxin (middle) received the award


Zhang Gang (second from the right) received the award


Liu Hongchen (second from the left) received the award