The Flag-raising Ceremony Commemorating the 101st Anniversary of HIT


Harbin Institute of Technology Full Media (Shang Yankai/Text Xinran Tan Lijun Li Qingyun/Photos) On June 7th, 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping sent a letter to congratulate Harbin Institute of Technology on its 100th anniversary, highly affirmed  the achievements of Harbin Institute of Technology, and put forward great expectations for the future development of Harbin Institute of Technology. One year later, on June 7th, HIT held a flag-raising ceremony to commemorate the 101st  anniversary of the founding of the school “under the guidance of the spirit of the congratulatory letter” in the square of Electric Machinery Building, which was simultaneously broadcast live through the new media platform.

Academician Zhou Yu, the principal, pointed out when presiding over the flag-raising ceremony that from a new starting point, all teachers, students and staff in the three districts of the school should consciously improve standing, actively plan, reform and innovate, work hard, devote themselves to patriotism and pursue excellence.

Zhao Deyu, an undergraduate from the 2020 Intelligent Robot Class on the main campus of the school, Professor Zhang Qinyu from the School of Electronics and Information Engineering on Shenzhen Campus, and Wang Yinghao, an alumnus from China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology and a student of Grade 1992 from Weihai Campus, gave speeches, sharing and telling about the mental journey and future prospects of their reform and innovation, hard work and pursuit of excellence under the guidance of the spirit of the congratulatory letter.

School leaders, leaders of Weihai Campus and Shenzhen Campus, heads of ministries, departments and directly affiliated units, secretaries and deans of grassroots party committees, deputy secretaries of grassroots party committees, counselor representatives and student representatives attended the ceremony.

Xiong Sihao, Secretary of the school Party committee delivered a speech.

Academician Zhou Yu, Deputy Secretary of the school Party committee and President of the school, presided over the flag-raising ceremony.

Flag-raising ceremony site

Representatives of teachers, students and alumni delivered speeches.

Main campus of the school

Weihai Campus

Shenzhen Campus