The team of HIT made outstanding achievements in the 2021China Undergraduate Physics Tournament (Northeastern Division)


On June 5th and 6th, the 4th China Undergraduate Physics Tournament (Northeastern Division) was held online, and the team of HIT won the top prize.

Teams from 22 universities participated in the competition, including Jilin University, Northeastern University and Dalian University of Technology. The team of HIT consists of six freshmen from different majors. The research results, theoretical rationale and excellent presentation of the HIT team were highly praised by teachers and students of all universities present and also the judges.

The China Undergraduate Physics Tournament is a competition in physics in the form of team competition, which draws on the model of the International Young Physicists’ Championship. The competition questions are novel and inflexible. The teams are required to debate against each other competing on the basic knowledge, theoretical analysis, experimental research and result discussion involved in solving practical physics problems. The competition aims to cultivate students' open thinking ability, teamwork spirit, communication and expression ability, so that students' knowledge, ability and quality can be comprehensively and harmoniously developed.



Team of HIT