Watching performances outside HIT,just can't stop at all!



"I heard that there will be another performance outdoors tonight."

"What are you waiting for? Let’s Go!"


Entering June

Conversations like this

can be heard almost every day

The square in front of the Electrical and Mechanical Building in the first campus , the back garden of the main building

and also the second campus stadium

become good place for teachers and students to spend summer and relax at night

In order to promote the campus culture

and let teachers and students enjoy the beauty of summer;

At the same time,

farewell to the graduating students in a special way

School Youth League Committee, Youth League Committee and student associations, continue to launch special performances

during the celebration of the anniversary of the school


From fresh and elegant symphony and folk music

to the endless cross talk and martial arts,

then to the vibrant street dance and rock and roll,

a splendid performance is on.

Shows one after another are shown on stage

All of those let the audience truly enjoy themselves.


Our editor has selected some wonderful ones from many performances

Are you ready?

Here We Go !





Elegant art

From "Ode to the Red Flag" to "Waltz of the Sound of Spring",

School Symphony Orchestra and Light Music Club lead teachers and students encounter with music

and run with their dreams

when appreciating famous Chinese and foreign classic songs,


From Classical Dance to Folk Dance to Modern Dance,

the school dance team is in the name of art;

dance for love.

May the road ahead be bright

Dedicating a beautiful show for teachers and students

Traditional culture

"Golden Snake Dance" and "Yimeng Mountain Song"

"Hong Hu Shui Waves Beat Waves" and "The Sun Is Red on Jinggangshan"


In the gurgling music of traditional musical instruments,

the school folk orchestra led the teachers and students

feel the Classical Beauty of Chinese Culture

and share the new glory of the centenary of the founding of the Party


Traditional programs such as,

 the "Big Fortune-telling" "Eight Screens" and "La Yang Films"

Performed by the Tea House Crosstalk Club.

Wonderful Wushu Exhibition Brought by Students

truly attracts the audience

makes them feel the unique charm of Chinese traditional culture

Youth and Vitality

The school sound band with the top ten singers on campus

sing the hymn of youth

eulogize the founding of the Party for a hundred years

What’s more

Uncle Yang sings emotionally

a farewell song to the students who are about to leave HIT


Rock Club, Street Dance Association

ignite the enthusiasm of the scene with youthful vitality

and offer the most beautiful blessings to graduates

A collection of performances provided by the official WeChat image department

That’s it for today.

There will also be a graduation party

and teachers and students chorus and other performances.

Let's watch the performance outdoors!