For Students to Live Better, HIT Has Tried Its Best!


HIT News---The A01 student Apartment is about to “return to the world”, the planned student apartments in Campus 2 and the Science Park are tough and vigorous, and the old apartments are undergoing maintenance and renovation… To enhance the comfort and well-being of student accommodation, promote the earlier realization of the student apartment “421” target (the four-person room for undergraduates, two-person room for masters, and one-person room for doctoral students), and build a beautiful campus that is more livable, more suitable for learning and teaching, HIT is working intensively on the construction, maintenance and renovation of the student apartments, which is also one of the specific measures of “Doing practical things for teachers and students”.

| The A01 Student Apartment Will Be Put into Use Soon |

The A01 student apartment has now entered the critical and tough period of construction, which is one of the central investment capital construction projects of the university in the 13th Five-Year Plan. The project has a total planned construction area of 77,342 square meters, a building height of 75 meters, 19 floors above ground and 2 floors underground, and can accommodate 5,220 students. The apartment dwelling units adopt a group style, with 3 bedrooms forming a group (i.e. three bedrooms and one living room), and each bedroom can accommodate 4 people. There are communication spaces and separate toilets in the group,, with clear dynamic and static partition, which not only ensures the privacy of the accommodation space, but also facilitates mutual communication.

The new A01 student apartment has a reasonable functional layout. It not only has student dormitories, drying rooms, boiling water rooms, study rooms, supermarkets, etc., to meet students’ needs in all aspects of life and study; it also has barrier-free dormitories and bathrooms designed to meet the needs of special groups, implementing humanistic care and helping to build a barrier-free and friendly environment in the university.







Sample Rooms

| A New Member Is Added to the Student Apartments|

The student apartment construction project of Campus 2 has been approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, with a planned new construction area of 35,442 square meters, 8 floors above ground (10 floors in some parts) and 2 floors underground. It will greatly improve the living conditions of HIT students after completion. The main body of the project is very modern, with a simple and generous facade line and a hard atmosphere. The facade material will be warm beige, which fits the existing architectural style of the campus and creates a warm and comfortable home atmosphere for the students.




The construction project of Building A of the Comprehensive Service Building of the Science Park, which has passed the project review of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, has a planned new construction area of 77,711.91 square meters. The construction of this project will not only improve the accommodation conditions of the graduate students, but also improve and adjust the accommodation conditions of the undergraduates, which will provide a good material condition guarantee for our university to solidly promote the campus infrastructure construction, optimize the nurturing environment and build an energy-saving, smart and harmonious beautiful campus.



|Renovation of the Old Apartments|

In 2021, HIT has vigorously improved student apartments. Since the beginning of January this year, the construction window for the winter vacation has been rushed to start the construction of apartment baths.The baths in the first campus A09, A18, A12 and A16 apartments and those in the second campus B02, B03, B04 and B05 apartments have been renovated, solving the bathing problem in the buildings for 8,500 students.

The remaining baths of the A04, A07, A08 and A10 apartments are expected to be renovated this fall semester, which will solve the bathing problem in the buildings for 4,200 students, so that all the students will enjoy bathing without leaving the building. HIT has built a hot water supply project for washing in the A09 apartment as a pilot project with good experimental results; the bathroom and washing room in the B05 apartment have been redesigned and planned to facilitate students’ life.


New Baths

While building the new student apartments, HIT has already incorporated the renovation of old apartments into the 14th Five-Year Plan and strives to start the renovation project this year, and will complete the renovation tasks of all the old apartments in phases and batches year by year.

While continuously strengthening the infrastructure construction of the building, HIT takes into full consideration the convenience of student life and further plays the role of the educational position of the student apartment, striving to build the student apartment into a multifunctional living complex. After the construction and renovation of the student apartments are completed, the living conditions of the students will be thoroughly improved.