HIT Holds Commencement Ceremony for Undergraduate Students


With the upcoming centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) approaching on July 1, this summer is destined to be extraordinary. It was not only a great summer day of cool gentle breezes, but also a great day for the much-anticipated commencement ceremony for undergraduate students, which was held in front of the majestic main building of HIT.

Under the witness of their teachers, parents and friends, more than 6,000 undergraduates from three campuses, though thousands of miles apart, joined together via video link to complete their final university journey on the morning of June 25.


Main Campus

Weihai Campus

Shenzhen Campus

Complimentary commencement breakfast for every undergraduate


For every student, the canteen is an integral part of their four-year college life because the canteen is the place where you can taste all kinds of delicacies across China as well as a great place to be reminded of your own home.

To keep every HITer's memory of HIT alive, almost every year, the General Affairs Office/Logistic Group Catering Center makes free breakfasts and immediately distribute the meals to every undergraduate on the morning of the commencement ceremony. This year is no exception.

Zooming in on the commencement ceremony

In 4 years, the youthful HITers from HIT in the ice city of Northern China to HIT (Weihai) by the shore of the Yellow Sea, and then to HIT (Shenzhen) in the south of China, have made every endeavor to strive for excellence - creating many brilliant answers for their youth.

Xiong Sihao, Secretary of the Party Committee of the university, read out the Decision on Honoring the Excellent Graduates of the Class of 2021

The university leaders presented awards to the representatives of students who have been awarded the title of “outstanding graduates”.

Executive Vice President Han Jicai announced the decision on awarding degrees

Wu Shutao, an undergraduate of the School of Architecture from Guizhou Province in the western region, told the story of how she had chosen to join the military and serve her country during her studies and would devote herself to the Belt and Road Initiative after graduation, with the support of the national policy.


Cao Jiahao, a graduate of the Weihai campus who entered HIT four years ago, shared his experience of becoming a grassroots candidate after being inspired by the role models around him to join social practice during his college years.

Zhao Dongfang, a graduate of Shenzhen campus, has grown up to be a responsible person in HIT during his four years of study, experiencing the excellent learning style and gradually starting the path of scientific research.


In their speeches, all three students expressed their gratitude to their alma mater and their teachers, and their determination to repay their alma mater and serve the country with outstanding achievements in their new positions.

The Graduation season

On behalf of the faculty, Prof. Yue Honghao congratulated the students on the successful completion of their studies and the start of their new journey. He told his personal experience and participation in the Chang'e 5 sampling mission on the lunar surface as examples to show that only by maintaining a love for work, perseverance in career and teamwork can we create a wonderful life.


Chen Lan, an alumnus of the Xi'an Branch of the Space Academy, who was awarded the "National Pioneer of the Female Red Banner Hand" for her outstanding contributions to the Chang'e Lunar Exploration and Human Spaceflight Missions, came back to HIT, her alma mater to send a message to students:“We should keep on learning, closely integrate personal growth with the development of the times, and persist in sticking to our goals with perseverance. At the same time, on behalf of the aerospace community, she welcomes students to join the aerospace industry!

After the graduation ceremony, the leaders of the university and the representatives of the faculty advisers conferred degrees on the 2021 graduates. At the same time, more than 300 undergraduates of the class of 2020 who could not return to school last year due to the pandemic experienced the graduation day on campus.

The President's "Last Lesson"

As an important part of the graduation ceremony, President Zhou Yu, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, gave his " Last Lesson" to all graduates.

In his congratulatory speech, Present Zhou reviewed the major events and historical moments of HIT, China and the CPC in the past four years. He mentioned that today, the whole country is immersed in the strong ambience of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, and at this significant and extraordinary moment, all students are about to set sail and start a new journey on their life journey. These are their unique experiences and even more valuable assets. He believes that this wealth will help them in their future journey of life, and will help them to go forward, and “ride the long wind to break through the waves, sailing forward bravely in the sea.”


Present Zhou used the occasion to talk about his wishes for all graduates.

First, always have lofty ideals in mind and always have the country in mind. As the students of the new era students should firmly establish the firm ideal of permanent struggle and sincere dedication for the motherland and the people, based on the " Two Big Situations", have the " Great Nation" in your mind, cultivate yourselves, build up your family, rule the country and level the world with the spirit of the unique temperament, ambition, backbone and bottom spirit of the people of HIT. With the unique temperament, ambition, backbone and strength of HITers, we should bear the heavy burden, overcome the difficulties and fight the risks, and make new and greater contributions to the realization of the second centenary goal and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Second, keep refining our skills and always be full of power. "All are past and gone! For truly great men, look at this era and this era alone.

"I believe that you will be able to become "shooters" who deeply understand and grasp the trend of the times, become "followers" who think about the country's desires, and respond to the needs of the country, and become pioneers, the “leaders” who dare to make breakthroughs and pursue excellence in climbing the peak of knowledge, act more than words when shouldering the important responsibilities of the times, and practice the real skills of “being ironmen” through hard work.

Third, let's keep practicing the spirit of the HIT motto and always have light in our eyes. I hope that you will always maintain the unique historical tradition confidence, advantageous characteristics and cultural spirit confidence of HITers, put the spirit of HIT into practice to how to behave and work every day and be professional in your work, loving your work, specializing in your work, and mastering your work.You should always keep a clear head, constantly enhance your determination, always flourish, and let your eyes always radiate the shining light that lights you up and illuminates others.

Present Zhou told all the students that as long as they have family in their hearts, power in their bodies and light in their eyes, there is hope in front of them and their future will be glorious, and they will become models of the times, role models of the people and pillars of the country with self-confidence, self-reflection, self-reliance and self-improvement. Looking at the road ahead, led by the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's congratulatory letter, HIT will definitely accelerate reform and innovation, work hard and pursue excellence, and HITers will be able to do great things and make great achievements!


From the graduation ceremony site to the iconic buildings on campus, students can be seen everywhere taking pictures with big smiles on everyone's face. Today, they are the stars of the show!


Here are the memories of our youth and the footprints of our growth. Farewell to the past; move into the distance. Let's go, right now!

As remarked by President Zhou in his speech:

“The HIT will always be your home. Let our passion never disappear ! Let our youth sparkle forever! Let's grow together and create a new century of glory together!”