Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony for Postgraduates in 2021 Was Held at HIT


[News] All Media of Harbin Institute of Technology (Yan Mingxing/Article Xinran, Liu Zhiqiang/Photos) On July 2nd, , the 2021 graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony for postgraduates was held in the gymnasium of the first campus. Xiong Sihao, Secretary of the Party Committee of HIT, wore graduation badges for graduate representatives. President Zhou Yu sent a message to graduates in his speech: Always guided by the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and congratulatory letter, you should adhere to the spirit of HIT motto of “Being strict in qualification; Making every endeavor in study”, put yourselves in the 100-year history of the Party and the 100-year struggle course of HIT, fully grasp the trend of the times, deeply understand the needs of the Party and the people, and with the “the vital importance of the nation” in mind, aim high, inspire dreams, and let outstanding youth bloom for the times.

In the speech, Zhou Yu, on behalf of the school, congratulated the students who successfully completed their studies, extended high respects to the teachers, relatives and friends who gave their careful guidance and hard work, and expressed heartfelt gratitude to the alumni and people from all walks of life who had always been caring for and supported the development of HIT.

At the conference, Han Jiecai, Executive Vice President, read out “Decision of the Degree Committee of Harbin Institute of Technology on Awarding the 2021 Full-time Master’s Degree”. An Shi, Executive Deputy Secretary of the school Party Committee, read out “Decision of Harbin Institute of Technology on Commending the Winners of the 2021 Excellent Master’s Thesis”. School leaders presented awards to the representatives of the excellent master’s thesis winners. Shen Yi, assistant to the president, presided over the ceremony.

Niu Junpo, the winner of the May Fourth Medal of Chinese Youth, overall chief designer of the Mars Orbiter of the 509th Research Institute of the Eighth Research Institute of Aerospace Science and Technology Group and 2008 master’s alumnus, spoke as an alumnus representative. He fondly recalled his life at HIT, shared his life insights based on his personal growth and talent experience, and sent a message to his younger schoolmates: you should adhere to the family and country feelings of HIT, take contributing to the party and the country and fulfilling your duties as your life goal, defy hardships and dangers, persevere, work hard, and make your due contributions to national prosperity and national rejuvenation.

Professor Qin Bing from the Department of Computing, the representative of the graduate tutors , sent good wishes to the graduates and sent a message to the students: you should keep the responsibility in mind, serve the motherland faithfully, pursue innovation, stand up to the tide of the times bravely, take the conscience as the root, do things honestly, live up to the times, live up to the youth, and devote your youth and life to the party and the country.

Li Zhanpeng, a 2021 master graduate from the School of Electrical Engineering, and Hasen, Pakistani, a 2021 masters graduate from the School of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, expressed gratitude to their alma mater, teachers, family and friends in their speeches, shared their mental journey of studying and growing up at HIT, said that they would carry forward the spirit of the school motto of “Being strict in qualification; Making every endeavor in study”, demonstrate the responsibility of HIT, and set sail in the dream-seeking youth, and jointly wished Harbin Institute of Technology another brilliant future in the new century.

All the graduates raised their right fists, solemnly swore and sang “Song of Harbin Institute of Technology”. Subsequently, the school leaders and the tutor representatives of each college, adjusted the tassel and the hat for the master graduates, awarded the degree certificate and took a group photo.

Heads of relevant departments, leaders of each college (department), experts, graduate counselors, 2021 master graduates, and some 2020 master graduates who were unable to attend the graduation ceremony due to the pandemic, attended the conference.






Xiong Sihao wears graduation badges for graduate representatives


Adjust the tassel


Zhou Yu delivers a speech


Adjust the tassel


Han Jiecai read out the "Decision of the Academic Degrees Committee of Harbin Institute of Technology on Awarding the 2021 Full-time Master's Degree"


An Shi read the "Decision of Harbin Institute of Technology on Commending the Winners of the 2021 Excellent Master's Degree Thesis"


Shen Yi presided over the ceremony


Alumni Niu Junpo spoke


Professor Qin Bing spoke



Representatives of graduates speak


Make an oath

Degree conferment