Investigation on Campus Construction of Han Jiecai, President of HIT


On the afternoon of August 27th , President Han Jiecai visited the Sino-Russian joint campus, the Dormitory 1 and Wenxuan Science and Technology Innovation Park under construction for investigation. Wu Songquan, deputy secretary of the HIT CPC Committee and vice president of HIT, and fan Feng, assistant president, participated in the investigation.

At the construction site of Sino-Russian joint campus, Han Jiecai listened for the introduction to the overall situation of campus planning and design, and observed  house repairs, and project progress, etc. At the construction site of  Dormitory 1, Han Jiecai walked into the basically completed student dormitory, asked  about the house decoration design and student occupancy arrangement, and asked relevant departments to make plans, strictly follow the standards, pay attention to details, adhere to the student-oriented principle, and let students live at ease, safely and comfortably. At the construction site of Wenxuan science and Technology Innovation Park, Han Jiecai learned about the project progress and overall planning in detail, and asked relevant departments to coordinate with the construction unit to accelerate the project construction and deliver it on time on the premise of ensuring the project quality.

Principals of relevant departments of HIT participated in the investigation.





Photos of the investigation