President Han Jecai visited Mudanjiang for Investigation


HIT News---On August 24, President Han Jecai visited Mudanjiang for investigation and in-depth cooperation. Yang Tingshuang, Secretary of Mudanjiang Municipal Party Committee, accompanied the investigation and attended the cooperation and exchange forum. The two sides (HIT and Mudanjiang) achieved a consensus to deepen practical cooperation, strengthen the city-school linkage, jointly empower the industry, and help achieve comprehensive and all-round cooperation and high-quality development.

President Han said that HIT and Mudanjiang have a good foundation for cooperation, and this investigation is a concrete embodiment of the in-depth implementation of the provincial party committee and the provincial government's decision to comprehensively promote rural revitalization and accelerate the modernization of agriculture and rural areas. HIT will give full play to its advantages in various aspects, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, provide precise services in helping the development of high-tech industries in Mudanjiang, so as to correspond to the development of Mudanjiang's industry, to correspond to the advantages and characteristics of Mudanjiang, and to correspond to the needs for technical talents in Mudanjiang; In contributing to the modernization of agriculture and rural areas and promoting rural revitalization, we should give full play to the advantages of modern technology, realize the integration of industry and agriculture, create high value-added industries, promote integrated development, transformation and upgrading, and serve the modern agricultural construction of Mudanjiang; In the development of talent cooperation, we should give full to the advantages of talents, scientific and technological projects and capital, and promote the in-depth development of city-school cooperation, so as to ensure effective and real effects and help the revitalization and development of Longjiang in all aspects.

Han Xuesong, member of the Standing Committee of Mudanjiang Municipal Party Committee and vice mayor, presided over the discussion and exchange. Hou Xinbo, member of the Standing Committee of Mudanjiang Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Organization, Shuai Yong, Assistant to the President, and Fu Qiang, Dean of Heilongjiang Industrial Technology Research Institute, attended the relevant activities. Liu Junlong, vice mayor of Mudanjiang, introduced the progress of cooperation between HIT and the local community and the key areas of cooperation in the future. Wei Hongmei, Deputy Secretary of the Hailin Municipal Party Committee and Acting Mayor of Hailin, expressed her gratitude to her alma mater for years of training and introduced the overall situation of Hailin in her speech.

Before the discussion and exchange, Han Jiecai and his team came to the town of Hengdaohezi, Zhongxing Village, Heilongjiang Aviation Science Museum, Hengfeng Paper and other places to learn more about the history and cultural relic protection of the Middle East Railway, and to carry out in-depth research on helping rural revitalization and development and promoting the transformation and upgrading of related industries, etc.

The heads of relevant departments and colleges of HIT and representatives of alumni enterprises, and the heads of relevant departments of Mudanjiang participated in the investigation.


Han Jecai delivered a speech.


Yang Tingshuang delivered a speech.


Han Xuesong presided over the discussion.


Liu Junlong made an introduction.