A New Record! HIT Students Won the Championship in the National University Students Intelligent Car Race


Recently, the 16th National University Students Intelligent Car Race (NUSICR) came to an end. The Lilac Intelligent Car teams of HIT set a new record in the competition, winning national awards of all 10 categories, including 4 national top three (1 national champion, 3 national third prizes), 7 national first prizes, 2 national second prizes, 1 national third prize, and 13 provincial awards.

Due to COVID-19, the competition was conducted nationwide via live broadcast and judging online. The Lilac Intelligent Car teams of HIT overcame the negative impact of the COVID-19 and achieved further achievements. The No.5 Lilac Intelligent Car team, composed of three undergraduates Ma Mingcheng, Rong Zhenshuai and Cao Guangxu, won the champion of the energy saving beacon group, which was the third champion of HIT since 2016. The No.3 Lilac Intelligent Car team, composed of three undergraduates zhou Jing, Wei Bo and Sun Yuxin, won the third place in the electromagnetic cross-country group. The No.4 Lilac Intelligent Car team, composed of three undergraduates, Shang Shidi, Xu Xiangrui and Liu Xinyuan, won the third place of omnidirectional marching group. The No.6 Lilac Intelligent Car team, consisting of four undergraduates Wu Xin’ao, Xie Jianshan, Cheng Ruosi and Zhang Jiashan, won the third place in the double relay group.

The NUSICR has been held 16 times since 2006. Since 2010, HIT Intelligent Car Innovation Club, guided by the School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, has won 37 national first prizes (including 5 national champions), 22 national second prizes and several provincial prizes. In the past 11 years, HIT Intelligent Car Innovation Club has gradually become one of the important training bases of HIT for innovative and entrepreneurial talents. Most of the members from the Intelligent Car Innovation Club have gradually grown into industry elites, academic backbones and entrepreneurial pioneers.

Initiated by the Ministry of Education, the NUSICR is a creative science and technology competition with intelligent cars as the research object and an exploratory engineering practice activity for university and college students. Guided by the principles of “Cultivation, Participation, Exploration, Excellence", the competition aims to promote the quality education of colleges and universities, to cultivate college students' comprehensive ability to apply knowledge, basic engineering practice ability and innovation consciousness, and to stimulate students' interest and potential to engage in scientific research and exploration. It also advocates the principle of integrating theory with practice, the pragmatic style of study and the spirit of teamwork, so as to create conditions for outstanding talents to show themselves.



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