To the new debut of graduate students in HIT, it's so glad to meet you this early autumn!






Autumn chrysanthemum is beautiful, and dew picks up its elegance.

In this golden autumn September,

another batch of graduate students and doctoral students

take the parents’ sustenance

and a beautiful vision of life,

join the big family of HIT,

and start a new journey.




The flower path has never swept for the guest, but today it is swept for you.

The firewood door has never been opened for the guest, but today it is opened for you.

Before the new students arrived

The staff and faculty of HIT have been ready to welcome them.



In the words of the teacher's patient guidance,

In the hands of volunteers carrying luggage,

HIT hides its warm welcome and silent care for the students.



The kind smiles of the volunteers

The enthusiastic service of the staff

This is a good first impression left by the school to the freshmen.

The delight of students and the relief of parents

This is what the students left to HIT in the first place.





We are relieved to send our children to HIT.

The eyes of the parents are very gentle and firm.



In front of the service station, scanning the QR code to registrate, temperature measurement and disinfection are carried out in an orderly manner.

In the school building, registration and getting the supplies are done in order.



Through a century of hardships and storms, we have forged ahead.

A new chapter is unfolding before all the students.

Life is short, but the struggle is never exhausted.

A splendid scroll waits to be drawn by you.



Fu Hongshuo, School of Telecommunications

My first impression of HIT is that the buildings on campus are very grand, especially the school motto stone standing in front of the library. “Ninety li is only half of a hundred-li journey”. The ocean of knowledge is vast and profound, and we must learn to endure loneliness if we look far away. In the future, I will also uphold the tradition of the school motto of "Being strict in qualification; Making every endeavor in study" and strive to learn more, so as to make every step of my graduate career solid and firm.


Yu Muhan, School of Architecture

The School of Architecture of HIT has been my target for graduate study since I first started university. I have long heard that the academic learning atmosphere in the School of Architecture of HIT is very strong, and there are many highly specialized instructors and disciplines. And the School of Architecture of HIT has special cold-land architecture, green energy-saving buildings and other directional research topics, which I am very eager to study. On the first day I came to HIT, I felt like home when I saw the beautiful School of Architecture and the friendly welcoming staff. I believe we will definitely be able to experience ourselves and improve our experience through these years of study in the School of Architecture of HIT, and work hard for a better tomorrow! 


Li Xiaoqian, School of Instrumentation

I chose HIT because it is a university which has participated in a lot of national projects and made a lot of contributions to the country in fields such as aerospace. I hope to keep improving my personal ability in the future and contribute my youthful power in participating in the construction of the country.


Han Xingguo, School of Civil Engineering

I spent my four years of undergraduate studies at HIT, and now that I am back on campus, I feel as warm and familiar as returning home. Every bit on the campus exudes the profound heritage of a century-old university. I am very happy to be able to study at HIT again, and my goal is to work hard during my two-year study period and try to raise myscientific research to a new level.


Xin Junjie, School of Environment

HIT is a great university with a hundred-year history of science and technology, and the school motto of "Being strict in qualification; Making every endeavor in study" has always been making me look forward to coming here. I am honored to be a member of this big family, and with great expectation, I entered this beautiful campus, where I saw the verdant pines and cypresses, the flat playground and the sweaty youngsters on the basketball court,and every plant and tree makes me full of hope and passion for the upcoming research career.

From today, I have the title of HITers. In the days to come, I hope that I can adapt to the rhythm of scientific research and study as soon as possible, and find a balance between work and life, and that my scientific research will go smoothly and everything will go well.