President Han Jiecai and Student Representatives Had a Chat about their College Life


HIT All Media (Shang Yankai/Text, Xin Ran/Pictures)

On October 22, two special chats were held in the Activity Center of the First Campus and the Library of the Second Campus. President Han Jiecai sat around with the student representatives of all grades to have a face-to-face chat for their voices and suggestions about the development of the school. “Today, I invite you to have hot drinks and food. Enjoy yourselves and let’s talk about your college life, your feelings of your growth, and your suggestions for the future development of our school. You can express your ideas freely to help make HIT more beautiful and more suitable for learning.”

At 10:00 in the morning, the chat began in the cafe on the first floor of the Activity Center of the First Campus in a warm and relaxed atmosphere with soothing music.

Yuan Ye, a doctoral student from the School of Mechatronics, was the first to speak. Admitted to HIT in 2014, she’s personally experienced the development and changes of the school over the years and witnessed the historical moment of the one-hundredth anniversary of HIT. In her eyes, the school is getting better and better in all aspects, and the students’ sense of gain is also increasing day by day. She started her doctoral career in 2018. In addition to intense scientific research, she hoped to enrich her college life by participating in more cultural and sports activities and making more friends.

Following this topic, the students began to express their ideas freely. After listening to everyone’s speech, President Han nodded with a smile and agreed with everyone’s enthusiasm for participating in the event. He said that in the next step, the school will plan to build more public spaces, sports facilities and places, increase the supply of students’ cultural and sports activities and the labor practices, and activate the campus’ cultural atmosphere to the greatest extent, so as to build a broad stage for the healthy and creative growth of students.

Yang Jiabao, an undergraduate student from the School of Astronautics, raised the issue of “waiting too long at the peak dining hours”. There are also reflections from other students like “the coverage of campus network”, “communication between students and families” and so on. In this regard, President Han said that with all efforts of HIT, we should firmly bear in mind the student-centered philosophy and improve our ability to collect questions and solve problems by means of information technology. We should respond to students’ concerns in a timely manner by further unblocking the channels for information feedback. Then we can jointly achieve the quality education from all members, through the whole process, and in all respects.

President Han inquired in detail about the issues raised by the students, such as “cross-campus exchange”, “postgraduate entrance examination and employment”, “English communication”, “award evaluation” and so forth and carefully noted down each problem. Then he asked relevant departments to solve them after verification. He said that HIT encourages moderate and healthy competition and can transform the competition pressure into a driving force to help students achieve better selves in the pursuit of excellence.

Everyone was eating while chatting. Unconsciously, the chat lasted for nearly three hours before it ended.

At 16:00 in the afternoon, President Han punctually arrives at a seminar room on the second floor of the Library on the Second Campus to sit around and chat with the freshmen.

President Han made a clear start, “The freshman year is a critical period for you to improve yourselves. Learning in university is different from that in high school. The most important thing is to study independently. At the same time, everyone comes from different places and families, so your living habits are different, and the role has changed from middle school students to college students. It is the first time for many people to live a collective life away from home. I hope you can adjust your mental attitude to adapt to college life as soon as possible. Then you should strive to grow into useful talents and pillars with the all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical education, art, and labor.”

The first speaker is Li Pinmou from the Intelligent Robot Class. He shared his first experience of college life and his first impression of HIT in the past 50 days since his entrance. “It’s almost two months since I entered HIT. I feel a sense of home and belonging here. My love for all the things in HIT is increasing.” Li Pinmou said.

The next speaker was Kelsang Chokyi from Lhasa, Tibet. She talked about her mental journey from being uncomfortable when she first entered university to growing up happily under the care of all parties.

Everyone unanimously gave a like to the school’s “strong learning atmosphere” and “fulfilling college life”. President Han was very pleasant to hear this. He said that the university is a place with unlimited possibilities. The road to success is not single but multiple. What HIT has to do is to satisfy students’ needs in their growth as much as possible and help each student to be brilliant and shine in different fields.

As for the issues like “program hours”, “curriculum setting”, “heads-up rate of class” and so on, President Han said that the training characteristics of HIT lie in a solid foundation, strong practice, strict process, and seeking innovation. At the same time, it is also necessary to learn successful experience and practices from first-class universities across the world. In the latest revision of the talent training program, the focus of the curriculum of undergraduates will shift from quantity to quality. At the same time, it will pay more attention to personalized training and focus more on teaching students in accordance with their aptitude.

“Do you usually do the laundry by yourself?” “Do you usually order takeout?” “Do you participate in cultural and sports activities?” ... President Han asked his concerns from time to time, making the students feel more friendly. There are mirth and laughter from time to time in the relaxing chat.

After the chat, President Han took group photos with the freshmen representatives joyfully.

Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of HIT and Vice President Wu Songquan, Assistant President Fan Feng, and Assistant President Shen Yi attended the chat.







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