Prof. Fan Feng, Assistant to the President of HIT Attended the China-Japan University Presidents' Forum Online


Fan Feng, assistant to the president of HIT, in the company of the head of the International Cooperation Department of HIT, recently attended the 12th China-Japan University Presidents' Forum hosted by Sun Yat-sen University online. Representatives from 50 Chinese and Japanese universities participated in this forum online. 

With the theme of "openness, innovation, and integration - jointly building a new pattern of Chinese and Japanese higher education," participants exchanged views on sub-topics, including "new opportunities and challenges for talent training" and "new model of scientific and technological innovation."

China-Japan University Presidents' Forum, jointly initiated by Peking University and the University of Tokyo, serves the purpose of promoting in-depth cooperation and cultural exchange in high-level talent training, cooperative scientific research and other fields. The forum, which HIT joined in 2013, has made notable contribution to mutual learning and understanding in education between the two countries.