HIT’s 9 Achievements Win China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award in 2021


HIT All Media  A few days ago, the 2021 China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award was announced. A total of 9 achievements of HIT were awarded, and the number of awards ranked first among the participating units. Among them, the team led by Professor Zhao Jie won the only Special Prize for Technological Innovation this year and co-participated in one Special Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress; and the team led by Professor Sun Lining won the First Prize for Technological Innovation.

The "Key Technologies and Serial Equipment for Ground Tests of Aerospace Docking Mechanism" led by Professor Zhao Jie’s team from the School of Mechatronics Engineering won the Special Prize for Technological Innovation. The project has played an irreplaceable role in the development of the docking mechanism prototype, finalization assessment, and pre-launch verification. It has successfully completed the ground tests at all stages of the space docking mechanism development and ensured all previous space docking missions in my country's manned space project are foolproof. The team pioneered an intensive simulation test device with equivalent instantaneous kinetic energy in the docking process, which solved the engineering problem of full-scale simulation of the high-mass aircraft docking process; invented a super large stroke 6-DOF hybrid mechanism that accurately reproduces the complex motion sequence of docking, which solved the problem of accurate simulation of multi-DOF relative position and speed of the space docking mechanism; developed the dynamic test technology of the docking mechanism with comprehensive energy compensation, timing discrimination and dynamic correction, which ensured the accuracy, temporality and rapidity of the dynamic performance test in extreme environments; and invented the full-workspace on-line measurement, full-parameter identification and whole-process evaluation technology of the space docking mechanism, and developed an intelligent series of equipment for assembly, debugging and measurement, which realized efficient fine adjustment, accurate testing and intelligent evaluation of the docking mechanism products.

"Key Technologies and Application of Minimally Invasive Surgical Robots" led by Professor Sun Lining’s team from the School of Mechatronics Engineering won the First Prize for Technological Innovation. Minimally invasive surgical robots are high-end medical equipment combining minimally invasive surgery and robot technology, and related technologies have become the main driving force to promote the progress of medical diagnosis and treatment technology, the core engine to optimize the supply of medical services, and even a transformative force in the medical model transformation. After nearly 20 years, the project team has achieved system construction and key technological breakthroughs with the support of National Natural Science Foundation of China and National Key R&D Program of China. Aiming at the clinical adaptability, accuracy and safety of minimally invasive surgery, the project focuses on breakthroughs in the implementation, planning and guidance, perception and control technology of surgical operations, and has carried out continuous and in-depth researches. The team’s achievements have 

been applied in more than 260 clinical trials in 7 hospitals, including the Peking University First Hospital, Peking Union Medical College Hospital and Civil Aviation General Hospital, which has provided great supports for the development of modern medicine in China, laid a solid theoretical foundation and technical reserve for China's medical devices and equipment, and made outstanding contributions to China's national health.

China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award is jointly established by China Machinery Industry Federation and Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, approved by Ministry of Science and Technology, and recognized by the National Science and Technology Award Office. It is a comprehensive science and technology award aiming to commend the companies, enterprises and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the scientific and technological work of the machinery industry.  In 2021, a total of 365 projects were awarded nationwide, including 3 Special Prizes, 36 First Prizes, 125 Second Prizes, and 201 Third Prizes.

Written by: Liu Peixiang