Professor Ye Qiang's Team Was Approved as an Innovative Research Group of the National Natural Science Foundation of China


Recently, the team of "Management Science Research Based on Big Data" led by Professor Ye Qiang from the School of Economics and Management in Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) as 2021 Innovation Research Group Project. This is the eighth National Natural Science Foundation of China's innovative research group approved by our school.

The research group is one of the most influential research groups in the fields of management information system, e-commerce, big data business analysis, emerging finance in China. The core members of the team include Li Yijun, Ye Qiang, Zhang Ziqiong, Guo Xitong, Xia Hao, Jiang Guangxin and other high-level talents and young talents. Relying on internationally mainstream methods and technologies, such as big data mining, artificial intelligence, stochastic modeling and simulation, the team has explored programmatic trading strategies and trading theoretical frameworks of emerging financial markets in the field of financial technology, established theories and technologies for Chinese UGC mining products and comment features in the field of e-commerce, and explored the value and application of multi-granularity continuous health big data in the active health management of residents in the field of electronic health, achieving a batch of research results with international influence. Related results have been published in MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, Operations Research, Production and Operations Management, INFORMS Journal on Computing and other internationally renowned journals.

The group will continue to deepen the research in the above fields, solve the three key scientific problems—researches on financial innovation and regulation technology based on network big data, researches on consumer behavior based on massive UGC and business big data, and researches on the model of the residents’ initiative to health management based on big data management analysis, deepen the theoretical foundation related to big data management science, and apply the research results to social development practice, so as to fuel the overall implementation of China's big data strategy and high-quality development of the national economy.

Editor: Zhang Yan