HIT Promotes ‘One Network, One Door, One Time’ Campus Service Reform


HIT News (Text by Shang Yankai, Pictures by Xin Ran) Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) held a meeting to promote the “One Network, One Door, One Time” campus service reform in the conference room 626 of the Administrative Building on December 10. Xiong Sihao, Secretary of the Party Committee of HIT, presided over the meeting and made a plan for the future work. Han Jiecai, President of HIT, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Xiong emphasized that “One Network, One Door, One Time”, the campus service reform, is a significant manoeuvre in ‘I Do Practical Things for Teachers and Students’, one of practical activities in launching a campaign on Party-history-learning-and-education. According to Xiong, it is not only the necessity of implementing the decisions and plans made by the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee and the Heilongjiang Provincial Government, but also a major task to fully implement the spirit written in the letter from the General Secretary Xi Jinping to congratulate HIT’s 100th anniversary and to steadfastly promote the internal governance reform. “All departments of HIT should work to meet the actual demands of teachers and students, stick to seeking truth from facts, and steadily promote the ‘One Network, One Door, One Time’ campus service reform, so as to allow convenient campus services accessible online through smart phones on a one-stop basis.”

Xiong put forward the following three requirements for future work.

First, we must raise our ideological awareness and consciously practice the new requirements for the “One Network, One Door, One Time” campus service reform. All departments of HIT should be fully aware of the importance and necessity of the reform in view of the systematic project of promoting campus business process and the livelihood project of addressing the urgent and tough problems faced by teachers and students. We should also facilitate the transformation in the functions of school departments, innovate the management mode, and enhance the governance capacity through deepening reform.

Second, we must face up to the existing problems and our shortcomings and effectively raise the sense of urgency in promoting the “One Network, One Door, One Time” campus service reform. In the previous period, with the joint efforts of the whole university, we have yielded fruitful results in the reform. However, there remains much room for improvement when it comes to the national requirements and the expectations from teachers and students. Therefore, we must further promote information and data sharing, business process reengineering, and other key links in an integrated manner to ensure the reform realistic and effective.

Thirdly, we must strengthen coordination and cooperation and pay close attention to the implementation of the “One Network, One Door, One Time” campus service reform. The whole university should work together to ensure the reform more systemic, holistic, and synergistic. The School Office, as the head of HIT, needs to tighten the supervision and inspection of the work and all departments need to cooperate to ensure implementation of the reform in order to form a working synergy, and modernize the campus governance system and governance capacity with our achievements made in the “I Do Practical Things for Teachers and Students” activity.

“We should accelerate the pace of campus informatization in accordance with the layouts and requirements from our country and some relevant superior departments, for instance, making as many campus services as possible available online to meet the practical demands of teachers and students to provide them with the greatest convenience,” Han pointed out. “We must realize the connectivity of the Internet and information and the sharing of basic campus data, address management loopholes, and improve governance effectiveness by means of informatization, so as to build a digital and smart campus that satisfies teachers and students to enhance their sense of gain and happiness.

An Shi, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of HIT, and Sun Xue, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of HIT, Vice President, and Head of the Organization Department, attended the meeting.

During the meeting, all departments reported their progress on the “One Network, One Door, One Time” campus service reform. The Cyberspace Office reported its progress on the construction of the campus service integration platform.

Heads of relevant HIT departments also attended the meeting.


Xiong Sihao presides over the meeting and makes a speech.


President Han Jiecai makes a speech.


A scene from the meeting