President Han Jiecai Visited Europe for Promoting Cooperation with Partner Universities


Reported by HIT Media, Text and Pictures by Feng Yang

From May 10 to 19, President Han Jiecai led the delegation of HIT to France, Italy and Spain in Europe, visited EMLYON Business School, Université Paris Cité in France, Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino in Italy, and Universidad Complutense Madrid in Spain, signed the double degree  agreement with Politecnico di Milano, discussed with EMLYON Business School and Politecnico di Torino about programs in Chinese-Foreign cooperation in running schools, negotiated the joint training programs and discipline exchanges with Université Paris Cité and Universidad Complutense Madrid, which further promoted the deep integration of quality educational resources between HIT and European universities and expanded the new cooperation with Europe universities.

Han Jiecai said that HIT has always attached great importance to international exchanges and cooperation, and the construction of a world-class university must increase opening-up efforts to improve the international competitiveness of the university. HIT will further carry out all-round, multi-level international exchanges and cooperation, actively expand the introduction of global high-quality resources and the international vision of top talents, and comprehensively improve the level of international cooperation and exchange in education. HIT hopes to further strengthen exchanges with the partner universities, make full use of its respective advantages and characteristics, promote dialogue between HIT and European universities in talent training and scientific research cooperation, and achieve more fruitful cooperation results in a wider field and a deeper level.

Han Jiecai, along with the delegation of HIT, had talks with delegates from European universities, including Isabelle Huault, President of EMLYON Business School, Clarisse Berthezène, Acting President of Université Paris Cité, Giuliano Noci, Vice Rector of Politecnico di Milano, Guido Saracco, Rector of Politecnico di Torino, Dámaso López García, Vice President for foreign affairs of Universidad Complutense Madrid. At Politecnico di Milano, the two universities reached a consensus and signed the cooperation agreement on promoting the double degree program of Computer Engineering between the Faculty of Computing of HIT and the School of Industrial and Information Engineering of Politecnico di Milano, and exchanged cooperation intentions on Civil Engineering, Management, Architecture, etc. At EMLYON Business School, both universities had a furitful conversation on the enrollment and operation of Chinese-Foreign cooperation in running schools on Big Data Management and Application jointly run by the two universities that was approved by the MOE this year, hoping to deepen more diversified inter-university cooperation by following similar cooperation pattern. At Politecnico di Torino, the two universities discussed the matters related to the cooperation in Chinese-Foreign cooperation in running schools and its implementation, student joint cultivation programs, joint laboratories, and faculty and student exchange programs. At Université Paris Cité and Universidad Complutense Madrid, the two parties exchanged ideas on student exchange, student joint cultivation programs, scientific and research cooperation, etc.

The visit is accompanied by delegates from International Cooperation Division, School of Management, School of Architecture and Faculty of Computing.


Visit emlyon business school


Visit Université Paris Cité


Sign Agreement with Politecnico di Milano


Visit Politecnico di Torino


Visit Universidad Complutense Madrid

Edited by Yan Mingxing