President Nikolayev and delegation from Northeastern Federal University of Russia visited HIT


On April 26, Vice President Zhen Liang met with President Nikolayev and his delegation.

During the meeting, Vice President Zhen gave an overview of current development of HIT and reviewed the history of cooperation and exchange between two institutions. He highlighted that since the establishment of collaborative relationship in 2012, there were close cooperation and achieved fruitful outcomes in areas of talent cultivation and student-faculty exchanges. Particularly, under the framework of the ASRTU, both universities have actively built platforms for cooperation and exchange, including joint activities such as specialized summer schools. Vice President Zhen expressed the hope that, taking the opportunity of joint campus construction between China and Russia, both parties expanded the scope of cooperation, deepened collaboration, and explored new models for joint talent cultivation.

President Nikolayev expressed sincere appreciation for the remarkable achievements of Harbin Institute of Technology in recent years. He emphasized that HIT is an important partner institution for Northeastern Federal University. He expressed the university's commitment to strengthening cultural exchanges and student-faculty interactions with HIT through mechanisms of ASRTU. President Nikolayev also mentioned the active promotion of the ASRTU Green Development Academic Sub-Alliance. He expressed the desire that this visit will facilitate in-depth discussions on innovative mechanisms for talent cultivation and student-faculty exchanges, and further elevate the level of cooperation between two universities.

The meeting was attended by representatives from the International Cooperation Division and relevant schools