HIT Signed Cooperation Agreement with Ural Federal University


On April 18, Han Jiecai, President of Harbin Institute of Technology met with Rector Victor Koksharov from Ural Federal University and the two parties signed an institutional cooperation agreement.

Han Jiecai said that Ural Federal University is an important strategic partner of HIT, and the two sides have carried out fruitful cooperation in the fields of talent training and the Sino-Russian technical university alliance over the years. It is hoped that the two universities will take the construction of the Sino-Russian joint campus as an opportunity to increase the exchange of teachers and students, make full use of the resources of international cooperation platforms such as the Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and the BRICS Universities League, to continuously promote the cooperation between the two universities to a higher level.

Koksharov said that The Joint Statement on Deepening the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of Coordination in the New Era signed by China and Russia pointed out that the two countries will deepen educational cooperation, promote two-way study abroad activities to improve quality and efficiency of international students and enhance student exchanges between the two countries, paving ways of direction for future cooperation between Chinese and Russian universities. It is hoped that the two parties will carry out more in-depth cooperation in more fields on the basis of good cooperation.

According to the agreement, the two universities will carry out extensive cooperation in faculty exchanges and student training.

HIT Vice President Zhen Liang attended the meeting, and representatives of International Cooperation Division and relevant schools accompanied the meeting.