Students of HIT Have Achieved the Best Results in History in the National University Student Social Practice and Science Contest on Energy Saving & Emission Reduction


National University Student Social Practice and Science Contest on Energy Saving & Emission Reduction was held online. 244 works from 110 universities across the country were selected for the final. HIT won one grand prize and seven first prizes, the best achievement in history, ranking the second in the number of awards among all universities in China. For the first time, more than 100 outstanding undergraduate graduation theses (designs) of energy and power majors were selected for domestic universities in this contest, including 4 theses from Harbin Institute of Technology.

With the support of undergraduate college, the School of Energy Science and Engineering undertakes the intramural competition. A total of 45 teams participated in the on-campus selection. After material evaluation, on-site defense and judges' questions, the first 15 works represented HIT in the national finals. Among them, under the guidance of teachers Zhang Haochun and Liu Bin, Ge Yuxin, Gao Runzhe, Sun Shanshan, Wang Yiwei and Wu Meijing the work “ ‘Titanium and Tungsten Wipe the River’-WO3_TiO2 @ β-SiC Enrichment-Photocatalysis-Degradation Coupling System for Microplastics in Inland Waters” won the grand prize.

The contest closely combines the major needs of the country and focuses on the national energy and environmental policies. Under the direct leadership of the Energy and Power Teaching Committee of Colleges and Universities of the Ministry of Education and the active cooperation of colleges and universities, the competition focuses on cultivating college students' innovative ability and cooperative spirit, training outstanding successors in the field of energy and environment, and helping to achieve the goals of carbon neutrality and carbon peaking.

As an important measure to implement the National Action Plan for Energy Saving and Emission Reduction, with the theme of “Energy Saving and Emission Reduction, Green Energy”, this contest attracted 5201 entries from 514 universities across the country, creating three historical records in terms of the number of students, entries and universities since the establishment of the contest in 2008.

HIT has participated in 14 consecutive contests since the establishment, and won 5 grand prizes and 43 first prizes.


The team that won the grand prize





The teams that won the first prize