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The School of Mechatronics Engineering (SME) was founded in 1993,whose predecessor was the department of electrical and mechanical engineering ,which was founded in 1920. At present, SME not only focuses on mechanical engineering, with the coordinated development of aerospace science and technology, design and other disciplines, but also cultivates innovative and leading talents for future development. The discipline of Mechanical Engineering was rated as A+ in the fourth disciplinary evaluation, and it is a key discipline for double first-class construction.


SME has 294 faculties, including 116 professors/ researchers, 125 associate professors/associate researchers, 53 lecturers and more than 40 top talents with the title of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Yangtse River Scholar, Youth talent program of NSFC, etc. By now SME owns 20 national or provincial and ministerial bases, including the State Key Laboratory of Robotics and System, Mechanical engineering experimental and teaching demonstration center, etc. SME also owns 1 foundation for innovative research group of NSFC and 6 national teaching and research innovation groups.

SME has achieved a number of research results with international standards, including first arc welding and spot welding robot in our country, the first CNC ultra-precision machining machine in our country and the first space orbit maintenance robot in our country, etc. SME has won 13 national science and technology awards and 130 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards. In recent years, SME focuses on major national projects such as "manned space flight", "deep space exploration" and "nuclear fusion", has carried out distinctive research work on robotics and mechatronics, advanced mechanical design, ultra precision manufacturing, non-standard equipment manufacturing, micro-nano manufacturing, etc. In the past 3 years, the annual research income is over 400 million RMB.

SME now owns totally 3200 students, including about 800 Ph.D students, about 800 master students, and about 1600 undergraduate students. It has trained more than 10,000 key talents of various types for the country, which covers many fields such as aviation, aerospace, shipping, nuclear technology and equipment manufacturing.