School of Transportation Science and Engineering


The School of Transportation Science and Engineering (STSE) is one of the earliest bases for training talents of modern transportation area in China. The discipline of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, the same as HIT, has gone through a hundred years. It entered the ranks of the world-class discipline group of Civil Engineering at HIT. Compared with other transportation colleges, we were the first to complete the International Discipline Assessment in 2015. All the experts believe that STSE should be ranked in the international first-class school of transportation because of its basic conditions, development strategies and planning goals. Adhering to the spirit of "surmounting all obstacles", STSE has won seven National Science and Technology Awards such as the 2nd Prize of the National Technology and Invention Award, the 2nd Prize of the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, accomplished over more than 300 state major projects, provincial and ministerial projects. Scientific and technological achievements are applied to the reconstruction project of Chang'an Street–"China's First Street", the highway construction of Beijing Daxing International Airport–the head of the "Seven Wonders of the New World", airfield runway of Lhasa GA Airport–"One of the World's Highest Airports", the longest sea-crossing bridge of the world and the Beipanjiang bridge–the highest bridge in the world. Especially for serving the "Country with Strong Transportation Network" strategy, the "Belt and Road Initiative", and the "Arctic Strategy", STSE implements the "2215" scientific research and development plan for the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan". In other words, the two lines of the South and the North will work together, under the assistance of interdisciplinary and international cooperation, building one international innovative research platform for future transportation, five research centers on intelligent transportation, traffic big data, intelligent transportation infrastructure, green transportation and sustainable development, and traffic simulation. Besides maintaining the characteristics of the cold region, expanding the advantages of traditional disciplines, combining with big data and artificial intelligence, our college would focus on carrying out collaborative research on intelligent transportation technologies such as considering people, vehicles, roads, and clouds together to meet major national strategic needs.

Technology and in-situ detection device of anti-icing functional asphalt pavement in cold regions 

In 2018, this project won the 2nd Prize of the National Technology and Invention Award. The project is aimed at solving the key issue of pavement operation safety in cold regions. The main technical principle is to develop the low-freezing fillers that reduce the road adhesion and improve the skid resistant of the pavement surface. Three key technologies, namely lowfreezing point filler with wide temperature range and slow release characteristic, optimization design method for lowfreezing point asphalt mixture, and testing methods and devices for pavement ice and skid resistance, have been proposed and provides new technologies and new approaches to solve the problem of pavement operation safety in winter. This technology has greatly enhanced the international competitiveness of China's key technologies. The achievements have been applied to more than 80 projects in 19 provinces and cities in China, including the 2020 Beijing Winter Olympic Stadium Road and the Beijing Daxing Airport Expressway, effectively reducing the traffic accident rate by 37.5% and the mortality rate by 25.1%, with significant economic and social benefits.

Transportation infrastructure smart O & M cloud 

Based on different kinds of technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing, a data processing model for multi-source information fusion of online health monitoring, offline detection, traffic information, and traffic environment of transportation infrastructure 

is proposed. Based on big data probabilistic modeling and digital inversion, a threelevel assessment and safety pre-warning technology for traffic infrastructure service safety performance is proposed. Based on the blockchain technology, a smart operation and maintenance (O & M) cloud platform integrating service safety information and intelligent traffic information of the infrastructure structure was developed. This achievement has built the connection between infrastructure service safety information and intelligent traffic information, solving the problems of multi-source information fusion and information fragment connectivity, providing a digital platform for intelligent operation and maintenance of transportation infrastructure. The project won the 2nd Prize of the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, and applied in key projects such as Sutong Bridge, Xihoumen Bridge, Harbin Second Ring Elevated Viaduct, Jiamusi Songhua River Bridge, etc., effectively improving the level of intelligent operation and maintenance of large-scale infrastructure.

Distributed interactive processing technology for multi-source traffic big data 

The effective acquisition and deep excavation and utilization of real-time multisource traffic big data and other big data in transportation industry are important foundations for realizing the management of modern urban smart transportation systems. However current traffic detection mostly uses fixed-point equipment, which cannot effectively obtain real-time traffic information in large-scale, there is an urgent need for full integration and efficient excavation of big data. Unifying data resources and computing resources through a distributed data system, integrating multi-source traffic big data to achieve efficient query, storage, analysis and other important functions, building a multi-source big data-oriented traffic state information presentation platform which is used to assist in the monitoring, optimization and control of the whole transportation system, to ensure the safety and smoothness of traffic, to improve the operational efficiency of vehicles and to reduce traffic pollution. The research achievement has been accepted of the National 863 Expert Group and applied in the traffic administrative departments of Harbin, Qiqihar and Daqing of Heilongjiang Province, which significantly improved the urban traffic operation efficiency and traffic management decision-making level of the above cities.

Mixed with the intelligent technology, transportation is making people connect with each other and making the world live in harmony, and we believe that the world would be greater. STSE has never forgotten the original aspiration and mission of educating for the Party and the country. Under the guidance of the "Country with Strong Transportation Ne t w o r k " s t r a t e g y , S T S E w o u l d continue to cultivate designers of global landmark projects, creators of super projects, explorers of dream projects, and the leader of a powerful country, striving to build a world-class high-level transportation school with distinctive discipline characteristics .